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The jets coming off a big win against the Denver. Broncos. Welcome Andrew luck in the colts to town on Sunday. And we have the pleasure to be joined right now by the radio voice of the New York Jets. It is Bob with shoes in and Bob such a big win for the jets this past Sunday was the most impressive part of it for you. Oh, how they ran the ball. How they control the line of scrimmage. It was probably about as complete on offensive line tight end blocking game as I think I've seen out of them. It's Thomas Jones was running. They put a college Russian numbers. And that's what a rookie quarterback needs. Sam Donald didn't have to complete many passes. But you know, those action shots over the top. It's amazing. How those work. Well, you run for about three hundred yards, and you know, decent set to stack the box. So it's it was all complementary. But it all began. I think with the offensive line tight ends. Even the receivers blocking the run game. I thought they were tremendous in the offensive line able to keep von Miller bay as well. And in surely, the play action has something to do with that. But this offense of line was a question coming into the season is that the kind of game that you look at it as an outlier, or is it a sign that this group, maybe is starting to gel. Question as of two weeks ago? I mean, if you look at their their inability to protect Sam darnold against Miami against Cleveland, any of the losses. You know, they basically in the Cleveland Thursday night game when their entire offense within five yards. A lot of scrimmage, and they called played as if they were terrified of their own offensive line. And so I think for these guys. It was a test of manhood at this point where you know, you're kind the blank you're one in three you start to three game homestand. It's gonna make or break your here. And it's against a wounded team against the team that you should probably be and they came out this week. And I think also not only do the offensive line. I think have kinda thrown down in front of them. Listened to it for three weeks. But they they schematically change things up. They did a lot more match. Protect a lot more three-man route combinations. But a five-man rock combinations. Keeping backs and tight ends in to help and pass protection. Not only do the offensive line is I think of habit put them the guys we need more out of you. But hey, we'll give you some help. And so all of a sudden, you know, so much was made of the fact that Bobby Anderson had barely been targeted over the first three or four weeks to seasonable. Yes. Robbie Anderson needs, you know, twenty five yards of time in real estate to get down the field to run the routes. He's best at how do you run a wide receiver twenty five yards down the field to protect you need time. The quarterback needs time. He's going to need two and a half three seconds back. They're not a, you know, a beat or a second and a half. So you know, the the philosophy of getting the ball to the guys that can take the top off the defense. Only works. If the protection could hold up to give those guys the ability to one down the field. And so, you know, I think they kind of schematically change some things up this week where we're going to give the offense want some help. Keep a few extra guys in pass protection. And give the guys who are Dame breakers a chance to run the routes thick and break the game. And that's what happened Robbie Anderson's. You mentioned a couple of touchdowns this past week, and it had all been quiet for him. And he was asked him questions to set him up to be the wide receivers going to call for the ball more. And rather than say, hey, I need twenty targets like a quarterback wide receiver across town. He kept a low profile said, hey Sam, and I are going to connect eventually, what would you think of the way that Bobby Anderson approached that? Quiet first month, and he needs to approach it that way, you can take a lesson from you know, how not to act because the guy cross town. Now, he got his money. And now he show you how not to act and I'm amazed at anybody surprised by that. I mean, I'm amazed that anybody surprised that that kind of you know. Gene, facade that was put up for three or four months. That is I think designed to just keep things quiet. So you get paid. Well, now, you get paid and now your color show. And you know, Robbie Anderson needs to see that and use that as an example, look Robbie Anderson is I mean by the Grand Canyon, not as good as Odell Beckham. Like, he's he's not even a player, so twofold, you don't start your teammates under the bus and also realize cool in what you are. You know, he is still a developing receiver. That's not putting up record breaking numbers. So you know, to me a little bit of maturity on his part understanding how you should handle himself. We're talking with Bob Hughes radio voice of the New York Jets. What stood out to you? What is maybe surprised you about Sam darnold through these first five weeks after seem what his reputation was coming out of USC. As a kid. And to me that's half. The reason they drafted him. He has done exactly what I expected them to do because I covered them in college. And he has more than lived up to that. Which is he is the exact kid. You would want the face of his franchise to be zero entitlement zero you go all work ethic. Raise the right way, you know, mom's of gym teacher dad's a plumber like salt of the earth. He was never going to be that kid sitting in a gym on ESPN U S thousand people wondering what was going to go to what had he's gonna put on or he's just not that kind of a kid. So you knew that he was going to be a great ambassador for the team. What I think that surprised me? And it's more information coming from, you know, talking to Josh mccown talking to Jeremy Bates is he hasn't played a ton of quarterback. He was a linebacker. When he started off in highschool exchanged the quarterback look halfway through his high school career, and then he left college early. So he has not spent maybe four full years even being starting quarterback. He wasn't raised like be the lead eleven kids. And they have said that he is amazing. Taking the information from the meeting read the field like in a snap. So not only is it unusual that a rookie would be able to replicate the meeting room lessons on the practice field into games immediately. But I think it's even more surprising for a kid that just still kind of in his infancy even learning how to play this position. So I just think it's this football acumen that has surprised even the jets. I mean, not even me. But I think even the, you know, the pros that are paid to play alongside of them and coach him that they over and over again talking about you know, who's who's football choose through the roof. And normally you would see that the kid was raised to be a quarterback kind of from pee wee football all the way up through a couple years of college. And. His experience level is a fraction of that. Yeah. I remember hearing Troy Aikman during the Thursday night game mentioned that darnold yet. He takes in all of this information. But he doesn't even take notes. No, he's he's got from. I think from a quarterback standpoint. And got about as photographic memory. Is there is little Josh mccown becomes been in the few quarterback roads in his life. You know, he's been. He's. Organization organizations. He's been around a lot of different kids. And he said that this kid takes it from the meeting room to the field faster than any young quarterback. He's ever been around any rookie has ever been around at any position. Now, he's the only other guy who would ever compare them to was an Bolden because he was within quantum boulder when building a rookie Boldin would walk in. And and you know, you just immediately look at it and said, oh, man, you're you're just a different level rookie, like you're you're a man, you're ready to just go out there and do this most rookies go through the things will go through, you know, they're in the deep end of the pool, and they don't get it. And they're confused and they hit a wall. And it just it goes through those looking adjustments. And he said Bolton never went through that young kids Bill go through it either. So he's just ready to go jets. It certainly take that. Because even as a team as we chat with Bob shoes in it. It's been up and down over the years. Were they haven't been able to string together some big victories coming off of the big win against the Broncos on Sunday. And now you see a one win colts team coming in what kind of a test is this for the jets to prove they can handle some prosperity. Well, I don't think this is some kind of wide ranging barometer for darnold is going gonna be or for what they're going to be as an organization. I mean to me why dangle wins this is still a developmental year for them a developmental year for the quarterback and not a year. I was expecting. They were going to be a playoff team. But if you're just looking you know in kind of a silo of this season. Yeah, you're gonna win the game. Maybe if if you are going to play meaningful games in December. If that even has a chance to happen. And you have to being you know, a five hundred team at the end of November. Or maybe a little over five hundred at the end of November. You're going to have six wins on the board going into your last four. Well, one of those twins has to be at home against the colts. So. Yeah, I mean, if you're if you think you're gonna make anything out of this season. Then you must win this game on Sunday. There's no doubt this Sunday. One o'clock kick-off jets and colts and a a great pleasure. Talking with one of the terrific voices here in New York Bob wishes and thank you, Bob. You'll probably be thanks from baba Susan shoes in. Yeah. Must win. If you want to be a playoff team giants phrase to one tonight jets on Sunday. So a deciding week in New York football and might be looking at the Knicks sooner than we'd like with. You know, these two teams can't rally up over the course of the next four days. Eight hundred three to one zero seven ten the number NFL PEX coming up producer ran I go and head to head. Then we'll play some oddities and.

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