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Brian Lehrer on WNYC and we'll get to our next segment shortly but I need to ask you something that's important for the station we are in a miniature W. NYC spring membership drive today and it's a paradox because it's a miniature drive under maxed out circumstances usually this time of year we go on a little bit of a pause as Memorial Day is approaching as summer is approaching and we do a nine day annual membership drive to help fund the work that we do here is a not for profit news organization we depend on memberships as you probably know but this year we're in a paradoxical situation like a lot of other news organizations we have lost revenue from some of our funders who can't do that right now and at the same time we have incurred big extra expenses like buying and installing all this extra equipment so that they're showing all the other shows can originate from our homes and I'm told that they're doing physical work down at the office to make it safe for the new realities when people start to go back so we have declining revenues and increasing expenses so here's the paradox we don't feel comfortable doing a regular nine day membership drive continuing coverage is just too important right now and we are just not going to interrupt regular programming for nine days as we usually do it just feels inappropriate to us so we're doing a three day membership drive instead of a nine day one today's date too so thank you first of all to all of you who have donated so far but this miniature drive with maximal importance ends tomorrow seems like we just began we did just began in seems like we're about to end we are there to and maybe this is the last moment that you happened to be listening before it ends so thank you so much in advance for.

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