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Development are we gonna see a lot more homes on the hillsides now homes on the hillside are already limited nina by the zoning code definitions there is only one home allowed per parcel and the minimum parcel size for anymore divisions is one hundred and sixty acres so it won't be possible to have either commercial developments or subdivisions in the hillsides of course luxury homes are already being built by outside money that's coming into napa and measure z can't stop that the only thing that could stop that would perhaps the action by the planning commission that jerry sits on but what i would like to address and this is the point that dan brought up is that we need to preserve the functioning of the watershed in order to preserve the agriculture that we currently have now what listeners may not be aware of is the largest user of groundwater in napa valley are vineyards and wineries which us over seventy percent of our groundwater over half of that groundwater comes from the hillside watersheds where the oak woodland pay very vital role in capturing and sinking it into the aquifers so if we continue to have the unregulated in your development in the hillsides not only are we cutting trees that help provide the groundwater but we're also using up surface water for the vineyards that are there they require about one hundred and ninety two thousand gallons per acre per year is what the county requires for vineyards if we're using that water what becomes imperilled is are the vineyards and wineries that we have now that's why the folks that are in the wine industry including myself that are supportive of measure c understand we need to keep our egg watershed functioning so that we can keep the agricultural we have now thriving well we're talking with chris benz who represents the yes on measure z campaign she's a retired winery production manager she's also on the executive committee of the napa sierra club we're also joined by jerry hansen gilles she ceo for sustainable napa county and represents no on measure see we're going to be continuing this conversation after the break with to napa winery owners who are on opposite sides of the issue you can join the conversation by calling eight six six seven three three six seven eight six again eight six six seven three three six seven eight six you can post your comments on our website kqed dot org slash forum you can email us at foreign mckay cutie dot org you can tweet.

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