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The planet. I'm Alex Worley. Welcome to Business Rockstars. We've got to Rockstars for you today. We've got Jeananne grubs and Abby Lewis Evans co founders of our one agency. So we were talking about how you guys are experts in influencer marketing, so for those of you to them. What is it for? Well, it's I mean it basically came out five years ago early beginnings. But over the last two years, it's just everywhere all over the place, but it's taking influential people within their own perspective on respective bright avenues areas and partnering with brands to kind of get a product out there and talk about a product organically with what that influencer does. So it could be anything from fashion. I think one of the biggest categories. Lot of fashion Thursday and also it can be. You know, an education or science. Tech or someone that has like a hobby or interest that they share can be collecting things or certain films or anything like that. And they become an advocate and a person that has credibility in what they're talking about. And they have a niche audience, which is a unique opportunity that didn't exist before. When you connect with a very very specific audience. Of course, the people that you want to be connecting with the avenue like you said somebody credible. Yes. So how do you determine whether or not somebody is an influence are or not. But that depends on a few a few factors, and it's always a little bit different takes a little bit of a different I into depending on what the brand wants out of debt or if it's a fake. Pacific reason for looking for the influencers so you can find an influence or based on solely numbers, maybe looking for awareness within a certain audience, you can influence her more based on high engagement if you are looking to maybe push a product or promote fails at something just knowing that they have an audience that is actually not only watching what they do. But doing what they do kind of what kind of business realistically expect from doing influencer marketing is that four awareness, or is it more sales or awareness is great. But you can also get awareness on like much level. I mean TV or something I've traditional forum for for this space because you know, you're not like eyeing impressions necessarily while. You're trying to do is make a really natural pairing. So if you're selling a a beverage of some sort find someone that you know in what they create. And what they pose. That is a works. Really naturally orbits like if it's a tool, and you're working with someone that building things every single day like the tool brand should be working with that person because they're already using your products and for wariness that's great because we can get that. But I think the the not seeing the products in action and seeing the product in use how an average person would be using it is worth brands really gonna win. So you really have to strategically picks. Sure you help. Yes. The identification process is the most important thing. So what we do is. We look at the objectives of the brand. And we look at the product they're trying to get in the hands of consumers in what they're trying to achieve so demographics, all of that, obviously part of the process of taking the right person. And then we find the most influential people that have that hit those demographics and hit on something that doesn't feel like a departure for the brand, you know. So it's against something. Very seamless you work at Ed. Yeah. In fashion. I think is a big part e-e-e-e-no find someone that is just always giving style tips and things like that. And and working your products, and that sort of way, you know, I think the force one can backfire. So if you're throwing something towards an audience that these you just kind of sponsored postage just feels like you're not really funny, and that's really all you're going for with using influence, the marketing is off. Intensity. True fan of the brand using it that just so happens to have a ton of fans of themselves. We offer trying to find people that are advocates for the brand the brand may not even know about. So we find someone at turn airline all the time. And every time they're getting on that airline and the airline. We need we go this airline needs to be working with this person as opposed to finding someone to actually never fights her airline or something like that. And it's fake and their audience doesn't care. How do you actually create content to bridge that gap between the brand of the excellence? Our I we worked with them because they're the bad thing know, their audience to that they are experts at knowing what works on their channel. So you have to listen to them and have to create how they want to create the brand doesn't really get that. They can give them some guidelines. But they can't really say can you post this for me? And if you do that, you're basically just buying impressions brand create something influenced or just it's not true. It's not how it works that. That's for sure. Because for some influencers still photo does great. Just great influencers video does better like influence or has a fury. For a certain aspect of product brand in their own, right? And just giving them that creative. Liberty is going to go so much further and in a natural way that the audience doesn't feel like they're being sold to because I don't I think that's the opposite of what they want. Right. Can you guys work at tongue with social media, obviously with influencers? And without is there something that you've learned when it comes to specifically marketing that does well versus doesn't do. Well, it's so funny. There's like if everyone everyone thinks they have the secret sauce. What what goes viral or what work, and there are ways to know what you know? There's there's things we can know for sure it's like we should be putting money here and there, but it's really you learn space for sure it's optimizing constantly and. And not getting disappointed when something doesn't perform all because that's valuable information that we need to know nothings a failure from it right here. And on that note. Thank you so much. Thank.

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