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We have multiple people screening calls this morning but Why it flat voice sounds a little bit high. Yeah talk to became something else anyways. Well he's he's a by phone screener. He's both ways switch. Hitter anyhow go on air and yes. Go ahead to guys anyways. I wanted to say I felt bisexual. Tennessee about myself since I was about. God Damn Ten eleven years old twenty now all the thirty jude and I really pretty much been bisexual my whole life. But I didn't feel comfortable with it until I was about seventeen show. You have had male and female partners. That's correct yeah okay. You know when it's weird because as people talk about equality we all have to be equal and fight for rights when a guy says he's bisexual people are like. Oh you're just gay. That's that's the standard answer that people would give a bisexual man. One two chicks. They are bisexual. Ooh That's high. How how have you been received as a bisexual man privately very well at the time I Being in south you know I was really expected to get a boatload of BS for it. But I had no problems from anyone. Do you believe that you could be a storm or bisexual like Nikki? Massages saying Could you give up this aspect? Your your love of the Dawn. How the Cuban nauseous so I can't say all right. Aaron thank you rover. You mentioned my daughter in her experience. And yes I don't know that it was necessarily phase because she's it was But I think the time you were wondering as a parent weren't you? I think it's natural to be like she just saying this. Because it's cool now. I mean you might have wondered if it was a real or a phase right a little bit. I thought it was maybe more. She thought it would get some attention. Maybe she just wanted attention from either me or mom or you know somebody But then I now she's dates guy. She's been with a guy for. I don't know I think over a year and a half now and I think she's in a committed relationship I think if they were to break up if she would look for other people she might look for our girl she might be guy yes she just looks. You know. The sex gender doesn't matter to her. She just likes to. She likes and that's why like right now. She she's probably I don't get into in depth conversations about her sexuality or how she's having sex or her partners or anything like that but I just knowing her I feel like she just says I'm in this committed relationship just happens to be a guy and somebody that I like. And if it doesn't work out then you who knows what will happen down the road? If it's girl boy it's a transgender girl yes. She's had several friends. Yeah I mean chicks and her friend if he is God bless him. I mean he's living. Every guy is dreaming really but I don't know I don't get into what they're what their sexual activity is or their partners or whatnot. But I think that's what I'm saying you can still be bisexual and being a committed relationship with somebody of the different of different sex and still be. Okay no I think so too. But if Nicki Menaj says are not bisexual Shimmy respect that and go. She's not bisexual ever was. I think she was doing to look cool to get guys to be horned up for the typical like girls kissing girls in the bar to get us all worked up. I think it was one of those kind of situations where kind of made her look a little bit more sexy in the eyes of men or you know women for that matter. Most girls do that. Say they're buying kiss other girls at the bar to look guys right but push some job back going to date a girl. I don't think should now. Who if she's married married to some guy who's like Didn't he have some sort of rape or assault charges or something like that? I don't even know the details on. Yeah that's all and they're trying to cancel her now or the some of the people that are trying to cancel her. They'll go down that road. There's she's anti or she faking being by sex bisexual Angie's former rapists or alleged rapist. She's getting get every which way sean wrong. Pennsylvania you're on rover's morning glory. Good Morning Shawn morning are you. What's happened about My personal opinion. I think it's up to her. You Know I. I don't like Nikki menards. But if she wants to say she's the boy tomorrow stations grow once they once stay she straight. That's strictly up to her out of anybody else to judge. But the people are upset because they climate stereotyping bisexuals. Meaning that a lot of people say it's a choice. You're just it's a fad. It's a phase you're just trying to be cool and that's what the bisexuals or the Lgbtq don't like that you could that you could go in and out of your bisexuality and.

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