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And that's the problem with the Nana sources I mean, look, this is a bigger problem in the press. Okay. Just even four or five years ago. The use of anonymous sources that was meant to be something that you used as a last resort. Because everyone understands that you need to try to publicly identify sources as much as possible so that people understand where they're coming from and are able to gauge their reliability and credibility. Also in the past, you used anonymous sources to protect someone and one of the things that I saw pointed out by a another journalist was was saying look presumably I mean these remarks were made years ago who's being protected by keeping the names quiet here you know I it just looks like a hit job in the end and the bigger problem I think for this article. Is that you've now had more than a dozen people who were on that trip come out and say it simply is not true. So you're gonNA trust the people are on the record I'm by the way some of those include folks that really don't like Donald Trump very much including John Bolton saying I was there and this just didn't happen at least not when I was present. So you know I think in some ways, this could help the president a little bed in that There's not a lot of belief or trust in a lot of the people in the media these days, and they're certainly theme going around that the press is out to get the president. and. You have a piece like this is just it's very, very hard to to believe it given the unwillingness of someone to simply come forward and then by the way come for put your name out there, and then let your colleagues who are around you say if they remember things that way. By the way Kyle You. Know I don't think that it's made up completely I don't think that the sources just fabricated something, but it's just what's missing its context and you know. The story the part that is in quotes is one word you know losers and so on and you don't know really what was being referred to what was the context what was being talked about before was this a bad attempt at joke you know I'm sure something happened I. Don't doubt that trump has said you know extremely rude and and horrible things but you know it's just it's just a bunch of sort of out of context quotations strung together with an obvious. Motive of what it wants you to think. So you know I, think there's a distinction between. Making something up out of whole cloth and taking things out of context and spinning it. Another thing that could potentially change the election dynamic is a trump agenda. So we talked about this on a previous podcast. The president has put out a list of bullet points that he wants to achieve in a second term, but they are very nonspecific. For example, one of them is to cut taxes to boost take home pay, but no details on what taxes would be cut, who would benefit how it would be paid for. So some details from the president on what he wants to accomplish. I mean maybe could be used persuade some voters and we might get one item this week Cam there the president trump in two thousand, sixteen released a list of judges that he would consider appointing to the Supreme Court. He said he would do that again during this election and there's some reporting suggesting that could come this week I mean, do you think the courts is a.

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