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This is what's trending right. So family members of 9 11 victims will gather at the National September 11th Memorial Museum to read aloud the names of those killed in the 9 11 attacks and in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The focus of our commemoration will be the reading of the names. By family members in person. Throughout the ceremony, We will observe six moments of silence, acknowledging when each of the World Trade Center towers was struck and fell and the times corresponding to the attack on the Pentagon and the crash of flight 93. So that happens tomorrow at sundown. The annual tribute in Light will once again illuminate the sky and commemoration of the anniversary of the attacks. The Bears and Rams play on Sunday. And here's the good news that even though the Rams are favored in that game, Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields is fourth on the list of the most popular jerseys in the NFL. Followed by Kansas City's Pro Bowl quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Yep. I mean, Chicago loves this guy ready, but He ain't gonna play on. Um, well, he should be buffalo bills. Well, I'm not unless something happens. Andy Dog Buffalo bills. Pro Bowl quarterback Josh Allen has the top selling Jersey Which kind of surprises me and then, um, New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones is the second and Tom Brady came in at third. And by the way Tom Brady threw for 379 yards last night, four TDs. The Bucks beat the Cowboys 31 to 29 in the NFL opener. Your thoughts on that. Jason Brown. Yeah. Go, go bears on Sunday. Okay, Good. Good. All right. No, no, I like that. You know, I like that. Your focus is singular. You know, you really You really hone in on the bears? That's how it should. Do. You know what teams you're talking about? Over there. Like Are you still talking about football? You don't even pretend to know about other like. No, No. You're an expert in the Chicago Bears. Yeah, I stay in my lane. Thank you. I appreciate that. Um, this seems creepy. Didn't Google do something like this? But Facebook is trying its hand at Internet connected smart classes. They're partnered with Ray ban and they're putting Zuckerberg's tech into their sunglasses. The company's unveiled Ray Ban stories, Okay, connected eyewear with built in speakers and a microphone for making calls a companion app that isn't Facebook and a charging case. For 299 bucks. I'll buy that. What did it Snapchat do this with the snap glasses and no one bought them because they have stupid. Have some same weight. Really? Yep. Yeah, I talked to Lindsay with Snapchat glasses. Yeah. And then you just hit the button. And you were you film your Snapchat video. In Plovdiv. You? Yeah. Did they look like normal glasses? No. They're kind of like roundish like they look like Ray bans. Kind of like the round ones. Yeah. Wow, by those I buy those ones just because the rate bands they look, they look like the last one was just like the Google Glass. Looks like some kind of alien stuff. I don't know those right?.

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