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Were fucking good. Like what gil and frank. Oh yeah they were so good you can tell like. There was like a journalist being interviewed. I think as well and that he was kind of like you know. Detective frank salerno bad ass like okay. Yeah he's the top dog for for this so it was pretty cool. That whole the setup of it was neat and in the process of what they did at the time to try to find that and and yeah that the shoeprint was the pivotal thing that was what linked all the cases together. And now you have that completely out in the open. And he's like. Oh well i'm just gonna throw away these fucking shoes. You know what i mean. I don't go by. I'm gonna throw him in a dumpster and for that to happen. I mean i could only imagine like how angry i be those a cop working on this case those tactics where they were passed recluse and then he goes back to la. I believe he commits another crime. Which is why they know he's there. Wait now hold on no. They know he's coming back from. La they find friends of his. They finally find out his name. 'cause i mean they didn't even have a name. They had a face kind of but then they found they found of one of his friends. That then because somebody called into the phone line because an okay so now they released details of like do you know. Have you heard like please call us. With any details. There was like a reward. There was this stuff. So finally somebody called and snitched. Basically was like i think this sounds like my crazy ass friend who has told me that he has murdered somebody. Excuse me and that person is probably not a great character either. They've just been holding onto the murder so then they figure out that basically they put a name to the face they find out that he's been convicted of petty crimes. I think like larry or stealing or something like that and they have a picture of him now. They show the pitcher to some of the surviving victims. And it basically just steamrolls from there. He travels back from san francisco and the police are like waiting for him but he notices people that are undercover are not undercover and he runs books and he runs. I slow long. He runs finally to a neighborhood and the neighbor because now his pitcher is everywhere his pitcher his name and everything is everywhere. they're like. This man is dangerous. If you see him. Call us blah blah. He runs into a neighborhood and the neighborhood notices him and like the neighborhood gets him That's right. I forgot about that. Oh and they're like trying to like beat the shit out i mean they're they're like taking him down then neighborhood gets them. Look which thank god. Because i was almost like to the point where i was. I was just meeting him to be because i watched the whole documentary in one sitting but i needed him to be caught and i needed him to go to trial. I was like please. Don't shoot and kill him. Because i needed to like here why he did it. And of course we find out his wide. You remember his why remind me. I'm no satan. Because the devil speaks to him he has like the whole pentagram on his hand and he's like hail satan that's what he says when he's at his trial once legit i mean he looks like the devil he is just haunting isn't in is expressing this but we touched on it earlier today.

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