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It's thirty four degrees at two three. I'm curt Lewis top stories tonight. GM cutting fifteen percent of its staff, including white collar workers and closing five plans. Nationwide company has that big plant in Arlington. Of course makes the big SUV's. But so far early predictions suggest the Arlington factory may come through unscathed wanted right spot GM has had has been a sales of the kind of cars, they make like the big SUV's. The suburban Yukon CS college SMU's Cox school of business. Professor, mike. Davis says well GM staff and production in North Texas may stay roughly the same. It's possible. The costs of those SUV's could go up because of the ongoing tariff wars Dallas police department bringing back the vice unit that's been on hiatus for about a year. Vice unit was disbanded a year ago due to policy violations and lack of accountability. Now, the department is bringing it back with a new focus assistant chief Paul Stokes tells the Dallas city council's public safety committee that this time they plan to do things differently. The vice unit before lacked the little direction on what to focus on. There was a lot of time spent gambling machines to make the gambling case to seize the machine not as much focused. I would like to see more on the human traffic the prostitution aspect of it. He says the new unit will have twenty one members versus twenty eight before with a new focus on victims and prostitution diversion programs. Stokes. Also says the new members will be going through new training the unit starts up Wednesday, Austin York, NewsRadio eighty KRLD AT and T making its first five G wireless connection in downtown Dallas, the company naming Dallas has one of the markets where it plans to roll out. The high speed wireless service in the near future. Other cities include Houston and San Antonio..

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