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But I don't think I would have relished the moment so much. And I think I would try to stay more loyal to people could go back in time, I would have worked with Rick ricochet. I realize now was really generally trying to be loyal. To me. Nothing could've gone that route out of taking it as opposed to being a little bit illness. All right to you are now off to the edge of extinction. And you touched on briefly about your, your time, with, with ream is, is there anything else that you could talk about about life on the edge of extinction. I talked to Chris, and he talked more about what it was, like when there was only a few people. But now you're coming to a pretty heavily populated edge of extinction. I, I have to think it's sort of like its own, like functioning community at this point. Yeah. It's comedy. There's a hierarchy there in there's a systems in place in this order, and kind of like piggy. Welcome into Lord of the flies, and it was like a strange feeling. You have to ride this little boat to get there. And you get there late at night, you just been voted out your wit and I was like so impressed with the word all out. He was the first one degree me. He gave me a big hug is that Ron love your bud. Easy, come on over here. You announced, like I just voted him out. You know, recently in there. He is like, come on over all regaining a big hug. Monk mon- reinserted greet me Joe Joe Louis completely destroyed his game. And how horrible is on the job buddy, buddy, big huge hug era, which is so generally wonderful, then you go over to the fire and is late. So people ask me to tell my story a little bit so limitless story wanted recently happen, and then everyone goes to sleep. Well, like I said, there's a hierarchy in their customs in place. So when you're the first person to come, they don't tell you this is going to happen, but everyone forms a circle around the fire, and there's no spot for you. So when you're the first person come you don't get a seat sleep by the fire that night. So I'd go over and are in this little pot of sand by myself curled up in. It's so cold at night. It's like all phrasing, and you just shiver. And I'm like, who just like. You could even Huma Elizabeth Schifrin. And then Julia look over at her. And she liked waves her finger free to come closer in school of a closer. And she takes this little piece of on the wants to call the mass, and she takes and gives it to me knows probably like one foot by two feet at us. The kind of cover myself up a little bit in pedagogy sleep. But on one thing that they also didn't shy from the edge which was really beautiful. Is that every day, everybody would pick up and you'd stand in a circle, and you would talk about on things that you wanna let go of regret pain mistakes. An airbag will take these shells in throw them into the water and on you would it was like such a Arctic youthful? Tom nearby would cry. It was really wonderful. Nobody really on taught about our showed it on TV, but it was really great. And Eric would lead that charge every day. It was beautiful to go get the rice on the edge of extinction is almost like less, not eat because you have to come. All the way up this mountain and you're exhausted in its rookie of there. And then some days of roaches in the rice container now. Yes, horrible and you don't get much risers a little tiny bit enough to have a little unscreened the morning, one in the afternoon. And so then you had to go all the way down. It's gonna dangerous in its rocky is the edges just the worst. But also thing they didn't show is that I had taken some leather that was at our camp, and I cut it up and I made playing cards now painted on them. So we had a deck of cards that I had him audit not took a women to the edge of extinction. So we play spades every day..

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