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More on wwl call 5042601870 text 870870 or tweet at seth done la porte pat christian gerrard looking back lsu getting ready to take on byu this week it's the opener of the college football season for the bayou bengals a season christian you look at the start to the season for lsu i think most people are in agreement that it would be a disappointment if they do not start five and all they should that's going to get coach yo in his first full season here at the helm of the tigers after a great start agony la anything less nine wins is a display for this team and slow everything goes right for them things break i could see them in a major bowl come on reducing to said i have a shot at a national title and that's that's unfair to them an unfair to coach joe but i think they do have a shot to play in a major bolya marhsall said i don't know how to play offs in other words and i know that the system is convoluted now when you have this playoff system my point is i don't know if they're gonna be a top four team in the country but i could see him squarely on the top ten should things go well when it's all said and done i can i i could see that i mean you have you why you mississippi state i'm not intentional yes i am intentionally or not talking about chatanooga because we all we can another as a foreign cook conclusion syracuse the following week troy florida unity sec schedule and to end october auburn omiss i mean you sheet you should be me you should be water zero losses galway to to alabama i know all burns can be tough but you should that there's your one loss but yeah i mean you could have one loss going into the alabama yet here's detection the 985 lsu forty one byu seventeen good coaching and great young talent will prevail byu will stay close through the half the tigers will pull away in the second half by use a solid non b c s football programme non power five football programme and one seven eight finished the.

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