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Close my teammates play will not play for the fans that's what it's all about so five zero two arena fans I am playing so they do they want to do staples center has been taking steps to prevent a possible outbreak such as putting extra hand sanitizer around the arena can film institute has decided to delay its presentation of the annual life achievement award this year to Julie Andrews because of concerns about the possible dangers of being in big crowds as a corona virus continues to spread that awards gala had been set for April twenty fifth of the Dolby theater on Hollywood Boulevard organizers now say it's been put off to ensure the well being of everyone wants to attend it'll be reschedule for sometime early this summer we will of course we'll continue our in depth team coverage of the corona virus situation for you right through the weekend other news an investigation by ACLU attorneys found that a lot of school districts in southern California are taking money meant to help high need students and instead diverting it to school police and security measures the study began with some students and promoter found that their school district was trying to spend millions of dollars intended for high needs students on law enforcement and security instead Victor Lee young is the deputy litigation director for the ACLU of southern California we look at district a hundred thirty six districts across three counties in southern California and found forty percent of districts are spending illegally spending on select for high needs students online portion of the hardening measures contends that under the law districts cannot do that they must spend the money on the high need kids like foster youth English learners and low income students and the communities themselves really need their holder districts are kind of hoping to participate in these cars good properties he tells K. and acts the promoter students were able to convince their school district to add more counselors any notes that many of the districts were sorely lacking in counselors social workers psychologists and school nurses John bear K. NH ten seventy news.

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