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In his inner circle. Wow. That's not crazy. You know, because when Donald Trump is a private citizen, he used to leaks and things about himself publicity as needed it, right. My God around book release you've written eighteen books. Have you ever leaked any information about yourself before a lease leak now? No, no, no. Okay. No. For the Iran for anything either. So there was nothing like you know, something like that to leak. That's true. And you're almost like you know, murder mysteries right? Murder mysteries. And I couldn't really go off and murder somebody. So that wouldn't be good. I'm giving you an opportunity now to promote your paperback. Version should go ahead, the disturbed that Charles Manson, the quest for Justice of the days of helter skelter comes out, June twenty fifth, and it's really it's going to be perfect timing. If you're gonna go on the Quinton Tarantino movie, because you'll be, you know, you'll have read all this up to be already for that movie. Yeah. It's in the fiftieth anniversary. And I'm telling you, it's, it's, it's, it's good. I just did a radio interview for it this morning and talking about the Tex Watson. Parole. Hearing and high was there for that, the only journalist there for that. And he's the one who actually committed the murder, and it's, it's good. Saaf talion could style. All right. The movie which I've been talking about, like I can't wait to see. And I haven't talked about a movie like this, in a while, because it looked like old Tarantino, which I love in terms of like the dark humor, the comedy, that's so much violence. There will be will be that. Yeah, you just have to just think. Right. Right. It's almost cartoonish to the point. We don't take it seriously. And you got a Brad Pitt and you got to Capri. Oh, and you got my girl Margot Robbie. And it just looks like you know, she's in it for, for, like ninety seconds. Thanks. That's the character, you don't kill off or whatever happens to our nose. But then I see the, the got the new reviews for today because his playing at the cans or cons, whatever you wanna call it in France, and not good really meandering owed to bygone era. First movie without Harvey, because Harvey Weinstein apparently is to finance his right and Tarantino snapped at a reporter, it goes on for two hours and forty one minutes. I don't need that kind of long. Titanic. I accepted it because I guess that was a good movie that went on for three but I think most movies, ninety one hundred minutes hour and a half hour, forty that's good enough for me to sit kind group. Well, that yeah, the fact that you're so used to watching things at home. Keeps getting bigger that you can get up. Use the John. You have to worry about stepping on gum toilet sodas and cost you seven bucks, right? There aren't people in this happens a movie theaters. More now on their phones to our next thing is, you know, when I looked getting back to man sitting when this is about Manson, or the movie is it is a whole, cultural phenomenon. So you are really looking at nineteen sixty-nine. It is an amazing time in our culture. So maybe he felt like he needed that much time to sort of expand on sixty nine. And that summer. But still, you can't take that much time point, particularly when you read the read the reviews and it's like, yeah, this doesn't really have a plot, by the way. I mean come on just focus it around the. Tate. Murders Tate, labianca murders. Not the longest movie of the year. Not the longest right. What was Trevor that producer adventures? Endgame ran over three hours and so far, the biggest blockbuster of the year. That's action though. I don't know. And then you could get away with that with an action action and all that kind of stuff. This is a little different it's action, but not that kind of action short Tarantino film, though. Like you really can't I mean, kill Bill was so long, a split it into that would happen or just didn't want to say, hey, I can make more money by by doing this, you know. Yeah, look, I like canon ball Rodman because that went on for an hour twenty four minutes. They got in. They got out. All right. All right. I'll give you some running times a Tarantino movies since talked about Reservoir Dogs hour and thirty nine minutes. Thank you. Four four rooms the hell's that I guess he, he was involved somewhat with some of these, he was the executive producer hatefully of three hours and seven minutes. Yep. Now is along to inglorious bastards to thirty-three pulp is to fifty eight. Yep. No. That's what I'm saying. Shortest one was had to be Reservoir Dogs by far otherwise. They've all been almost three hour kill Bill volume. One was our fifty two, but to your point, there was a kill him to which basically just continued exactly where they left off. So. All right. That makes sense. Well anyway, I think the point is of no idea what the point is. I don't know want to talk about. I don't know what the point is. By the way, I think we, we went from Manson Attaran Tino dead right now. Okay. Thank topic. Let's go onto the politics. All right. Let's girl. Nancy Pelosi facing the biggest challenge of her leadership. Rain right growing. Number Democrats, we keep seeing it more and more. They want to move ahead with impeachment. You see polls eighty percent of. Democrats impeach impeach impeach. And you think ok after Muller, no collusion, that would temper down a little bit. And she keeps seeing this, according to reports as a political trap, because it could alienate swing voters independence, threatened, Democrats, chances of keeping the house, which means her speakership, by the way. So there's a personal gain or loss in this for her, and obviously seizing, the White House next year, and then she probably looks at this same number that I look at right, most recent poll Wall Street Journal NBC news, nineteen percent of independence believe there's enough evidence to begin impeachment proceedings. You do not want to go there. But what do you do, right? The party's overwhelmingly voters say, you got to go ahead with this, and she knows it's a losing effort. It's a fool's errand we've talked about this. They're not getting two thirds of the Senate with. But it's a constitutional issue. I understand. But you gotta she's looking, she's looking at strictly from a political prisoner on this in her own survival, by the way as well. So, yeah. I mean and then today, she actually accused the president of a up plain site in the public domain. This president is obstructing Justice and he's engaged in a cover up and that could be an impeachable offense. I guess what I want to know is, what is the cover up. But we're not covering up collusion. Right. So. It's the same thing. I mean, this is what's so crazy to me is present. Because you're right. The Miller report found no collusion. The as we talked about, you can obstruct, even when there's no underlying crime, isn't Bob Muller's obstructing Muller's start. In other words by him not testifying because he hasn't been subpoenaed yet. Yeah. But they asked him to, and he's like, yeah, I'm not really in the mood to do this. I just worked for two years. I gave you in court do it that what you know that. That's different. It does not have been a formal request. Would he should have to be subpoenaed? There should be enough respect for him subpoena. The guys you say Bob, can you can you show up and talk to us, and answer a couple of questions. There hasn't been a formal date sent I set excuse me set, I here, may twenty I think there was some dates like bandied about to see what I mean, though, but it hasn't been set. But somebody did wait. No. Let me finish. Okay. Go ahead. Because I see you have to think a little bit like a lawyer would, which is what you need to do before you up and up. The case is you need to do discovery. Right. That's what they're trying to do right now. You need to do discovery or wash the Discovery Channel. Okay. He's homework. And in order to do that, you need to bring in the people to inform that discovery. And so that would be the mcgann's the whole picks the and Donaldson those people. Before you would bring in the Muller, who would put all of that discovery all those other people that have just mentioned. And I'm I'm forgetting people in context then. So it wouldn't make any sense to bring your Muller in. I sound like I'm talking about, you know, types of drinks here, but you just want to ask you questions. Other import discovered that until you finished all your who's you. Oh, if I was if I was putting this together for doing discoveries I was if I was in on Kong incongruous was Nadler, because Adler shift. They haven't talked about any sort of order. They wanted to speak to Mahler. They talked about this a month ago well before they even talked about Mcgann. So, again, either mother Mcgann Rosenstein embar, who most likely weren't big Trump fans are all part of this cover up. I just wanted to what's the what's defining a cover up because she threw this out after she throughout constitutional crisis. Right. And, and all these terms that aren't resonating here. Here's my little saying he can't kinda got a girl pregnant. Right. And you can't do impeachment and they're trying to kind to do in peach mint without actually going ahead with and get to any of this until you get your discovery till you do your homework. They did homework for two years. The mother now they're trying to get to the homework dismissed. No that wasn't the homework. Here's the homework that gave us the homework assignment. Muller, sat two years, and all those millions of dollars the subpoenas, all those FBI agents now congress, here's your here's your his your homework assignment, go. Investigate these things. Go. Discover do your discovery. That's trying to do. They're trying to. Way. Discover what collusion. Oh, no obs- the crime. Oh. Over the crime that didn't exist. You can you can have obstruction in a legal courtroom. You don't in the court of public opinion can for impeachment purpose in how did that work with Clinton? He obstructed Justice you that it's a constitutional issue. I understand. Right. We're talking to different things Horta public opinion in your talking about the legal issue. Public is only thing that matters the constitution. I understand that. And it doesn't matter. No. It didn't matter. Bill clinton. He had struck the Justice therefore he should have been removed from office. Right. Was he why? No. Because they didn't vote for, for out. But that doesn't mean constitution shouldn't be followed constitution should be followed. Over what crime, do you at least the discovery to find out what happened? We knew how happened there's no collusion. That's the end of the story. It's the end of this break, because we have to go and get yelled at of my earliest. When we come back, Michael avenue. Your boy..

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