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I mean, we won't know till we know, but you know, they may have to go sign. Josh Johnson a third a quarterback for camp. Anyway, if Josh Johnson doesn't have an another opportunity. Meantime, there were I guess social media pictures of Alex Smith adults airport yesterday. Yeah. And he still got that jungle gym around his leg. Dutney does. I mean amazing to see him walking on that. And not you know in a court or something going around Dallas. Yeah. I believe that it is Alex Smith's birthday today or recently may seven today. Happy birthday, Alex Smith. Thirty five years old. Hope you enjoy whatever you do celebrate celebrating it. And we wish you, you know, a continued recovery from what was just a horrific injury. So I got a call from a friend of mine Aaron who lives in northern California yesterday big skins fan, one of those friends that you know, I talked to during football season primarily like before Redskins game Tex during after just one of those people he's not like a super close friend, but I've known him forever. Went to Maryland. And one of those guys he's lived in the bay area. I think for twenty five years, but you know, you catch up with them, and it's pretty much just about the Redskins in and Maryland basketball here from him on that as well. But he's a massive skins fan. And and this is what we talk about. And typically, you know, months will go by and haven't heard from him, but the draft ends and I hear from him. Great guys got kids, by the way. Congrats he got his son. Into Stanford business school didn't have to pay anything afford. I don't think but the conversation about, you know, his family and mine it lasts like two minutes. And then it's well, you know, he says I've been listening to the podcast, and I've got a few things to say about the things that you've said, so that's how it went. You know, he hated the landing Colin signing thinks it's way too much money for safety for any safety. But he liked the draft. But admits you know, what we've talked about here on the podcast that you really don't know for a few years..

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