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What's up. but you know he can hack up and slaughter thirty five year old adults and i'm like this is amazing and the naked late. It's not a nemechek shining. I don't know if you ever read the book or not. <hes> do not read you know in a read. Hey that's offensive. Gotta read you gotta read. Everybody should be reading. I can read a book ladies and gentlemen hashtag blog or if you don't read the books you should at least by a couple dozen copies of them. I will buy your book all right so so we talked about. We're not gonna never gonna s._b._c. No this year <hes> no i don't that's worse <hes> but <hes> so now they've changed the rules and they're allowing sex and health education dave indices. Are you sure that it's vibrators. Are you sure. Are you sure that it's not a back surger. Oh no they're calling it sex tech now. Here's an order so here's the thing when the back in the day when i got to go to see us i had friends so during the same week as the purpose this hall c._a._s. right this whole avian awards so you'd see guys in this. Oh oh yeah baba. We'll have a we'll. Have your call today with those girls. I wrapped around his head. Doing kamikaze kamikaze dives and it's important green sleeves. Here's the thing that if anyone anyone is remotely offended. Here's the thing is a size of three hundred and forty two trillion football fields. It takes you three years to what it's like. It's like a mission mission on mars to walk across the and if you for a smoke at sea yes was like a day long event. It's that was the reality of you bitching about got me smoking in voter city. That was every fifteen minutes all day. Pot already come on. You're already bill jones. It has already what kids your kid. Ooh take walks cypher when the show sponsored by abe a._b._c. Love them yeah so if anybody's walking on the island it goes both boy a dildo that just just get out like you got. You got no business being there. <hes> what else is going on. You know what the dumbest one of the week <hes>. I love when police say stupid crap on tv and i mean i love our police. Don't get me wrong but down in tennessee the they're basically issued issued a warning not to flush drugs down the toilet because we might be creating meth gators now. This isn't movie the sci-fi channel in the next six cool j kluge right. We got working on the screenplay. I'm just saying i already working on a screenplay p._m. Out there making the fish like commit willey said that's where the guys aren't so manley's the birth control p. That's my theory of sticking to in one of the dumbest. One of the dumbest drivers is cop said ducks geese and other foul frequent are fr treatment ponds and we shudder to think what one all hyped up on and meth would do dicks to begin with don't go near you put one of the better they'll still chase you across the f._c._a. Parking lot yeah so if you need dispose of your drugs just this is this is this is the mass i this is why i love the cops. So have you need to dispose drugs. Just give us a call and we'll make sure they get disposed of the proper way exude with you in handcuffs in the back of their car shout out to the braintree massachusetts police department who who posted on their facebook page folks it is too damn hot outside to be committee crying owner. No they said it's hot as soccer ball soccer ball ten committee crimes in this kind of heat is next level henchman shit <hes> so everyone just chill out <hes>. What was it <hes>. Go go <hes> like go hanging your air conditioning. Go been in stranger things three practice karate your basement. Do whatever it is you do. We'll see all on monday so this came out from ars ars technica and this doesn't make sense and usually i was going to pooh pooh it but basically the study came out and said basically american kids would much rather be youtubers youtubers then astronaut and part of me hurts but then the other part of me sees that stupid weiner kid making twenty million dollars a year opening up boxes that goes i don't wanna go up into space and die either like i'm kinda down with the opening up boxes and making twenty million a year but i get ah i want kids to learn and be cool but like i think i think the chances of my chance of dating heather graham are less as like being an astronaut so like i understand like kids like what they wanna be youtube for like how many people are making money in youtube. There's quite a few also it's more about what they're exposed to. When's the last time you saw a positive stories about astronauts are any stories about astronauts. I mean there's no g._i. Joe astronaut guy no more. There's no the right people because it's fake so that ah bob loves to to be just like it's funny like if he was the first one to step on the moon who the guy taking the picture can answer no because because they watched him stand in like those the first clip of him you know him right no. It's i someone raker. James bond movie. They drove right through corn was attention. They were they won this like that's what it is is kids are raising are are are focusing on popularity clarity as opposed to contribution to society instagram legs dude like it's taking over me reading my twelve year old daughters instagram comments. It's like pulling teeth gorgeous. I think you're gonna love. You only got to love to love you got it. You know no no no and then she got real will smith karma karma and karma. Apparently i am famous in high school junior high because when you google the name i am everywhere and they all know everything that i do and they you will you should know that if you decide i would rather aww shit you choose choose rats in furia saying they know hoya royal. What's so what's that. That's the reason why i'm d._j. All the nonsense at my kids school so that all the kids know who i am swings between the junior high not no. I'll still be there. I know <hes> so what's the deal so like netflix pissed me off like i think that flexes pretty cool like why ah <unk> are. They losing subscribers netflix. Hey subscriber down <hes> counselor down everything down and we're going to be cutting spending way back especially actually in u._s. Markets also net flicks. Hey eddie murphy. Here's seventy million dollars bill. I mean adam sandler before that to to put things interesting. They give him to put things in perspective. They lost one hundred twenty six thousand domestic pages of drivers <hes> with your average and he missed her. They ms lillian and mr forecast it cast for global subscriber by two point three million. That's the disparity of what of how they're losing and its shares plunged ten percent. Hey stop spending one hundred million dollars on pieces of shit like brightwell though have a choice it it was racing nearly would've made that a better movie. Was that three seconds. I'm black screen with white lettering go it. Hey member dungeons and dragons member the lord of the rings. It's dat but now cool set the entire that's and and james cameras avatars would be james. Cameras pocahontas really help avatar sucked. You didn't hear titled <music>. James cairns smurfs well listen. It's over oversaturated subscribers market these days you gotta take that into actually owns a suspicion honestly frenemies the knock with my kids i started getting like so like they had a little sleepover and some friends over and all that shit and then all of a sudden i get like literally like eight emails in a row. The new new device cited do device. I decided oh hell no password and i'm sitting upstairs in the and i'm just he's talking about. The dad net flicks isn't working you know she right. Netflix sees the end of y. Everyone's signed up. The office has gone friends is going to be going once. Beaver goes out. That's it look. I don't netflix wants to disney marvel thing launches watch trade trade items to kill one of what about eighty show i shows they do. Originally i go to hulu lou for series. I go to netflix for movies. Those are the two things but natalie portman so much money series the series netflix. Though i'm all over amazon prime video i wanna know why every opened up the library and i've been watching one thousand nine hundred eighty spring break movies for three or four films and they got all the good movies and they got a trauma ville. I watch toxic avenger. I'm sorry i needed definition hood movies. I asked her classes uh-huh like look like leprechaun mahood own microphone the low budgets what what is it i don't. I honestly don't know him off. The examples buffed up now. Now are those like blaxploitation films like what's what's my but these are like real like films like we're in the last dragon a hood film no no downs berry gordy though not big terry gordy already. That's motown. That's big time. Movies are usually set in the hood in her low budget so it's gonna be like shot on a samsung galaxy lexi. It's pretty bad credit now at sam's credit some good ones yeah. They have really good ones. I almost all eighties like swiss dave a lot. They have a lot to watch his love. That's okay. I was watching. You know i was branding. I don't watch any movies. You tell me yeah. We know horner not handy so i can't you get <hes> owes a tinder. Why can't you get tender now. A non play store <hes> because no you can get it. It's just that when you go to process transactions through that or anything from epoch like fortnight and that kind of crap. They don't want you processing the transactions in app. That's the sea now. Here's what i here's something. I didn't know i had no idea of google took thirty points. That's breath. That's the part of the story that surprise so if you didn't if you don't know what i'm talking about <hes> tenders parent company madge group has just become the latest software maker too stiff google google on its third trying to it's thirty percent fee for all android transactions through the play yes or by the plenty game a._m. You like you know by a premium thing or you buy coins or whatever the hell it is in the game. You're playing amazon or google takes thirty percent of that <hes> so what they're trying to it was like a lot. Epic was the first one that launched. They're like little in game. Hey if you wanna buy shit. Here's this ad on that. We're gonna pop up for you and just do everything directly through us and bypass the google play process <hes> like how much do you think is fair though to handle payment processing and things like that payment processing three percent right up the infrastructure to support a finders. I'll give you ten not ten ten to five ten yeah when you're when you're a distributor yup like i'm looking at from an i._t. Perspective especially at the volume that you're handling it google no by taking more than ten kiss my neighbor ridiculous. If you're ingram micro or cinemax acts or any like this cisco distributors they're taking four to eight maybe twelve on on specialty items while while the var is taking seventeen to twenty two right now to take thirty. That's even like software resellers. Don't take thirty and all they are is a platform. They're not making shit. I mean if you don't charge for anything in your app. They don't take cut. They take thirty percent to handle. Will you know account career in apertures dealing and they reckoned if you buying after they take no by an app yeah if you pay for top pay they're taking taking their cut you know but <hes> they have the infrastructure to run to support that as well. You know if you're joe blow software company with five people. Are you gonna go set up your own payment processing network and handle that or you're just gonna like we will do it for you. It's not that hard to handle payment processing these as randy. I'm just throwing that player thirty percent. That's that's argument. Apple charges thirty percent amazon charges thirty percents. It's the collusion is what it is. Y'all bitch about russians. That's constraint collude lose weight come on the other two but apple will reduce it to fifty percent after a year for subscription recurring things like that that that switch. I mean for real so i don't blame these. Advocators movie got you yeah yeah. You're gonna get a year of their website and download now concurred you decide low the app which opens up a whole bunch of safety applications and apple won't let you on the air if you take payments outside so you can't distributor after the app store or so so we'll end on this barely talked i._t. Whatever it's all good i wanna hear this i._t. Though no logitech article came out from the verge going why you should really really update your logitech wireless dangle dude. I really thought this whole mouse trap thing was dead like we talked about that. Shit three years ago on the show that that's what the article starts three and a half years ago security reaches researcher broke into my laptop without ever needing to touch gotcha didn't even need a network address note. Nothing all you do a sniff out basically as logitech wireless mouses usb receiver fire off a few lines of code and then took over screen period and that still exist and it's not just logitech. It's devices that are out there from <hes> dell h._p. Lenovo like if you have just rebadged logitech receivers though don't know dominy lost mouse what else dunkel like u._s._b. Things i have like i have no. Here's a mouse doesn't work why i don't know whether there's there's little one centimeter by one centimetre little stupid. I got to go by their their like eight dollars. I just go buy a new one right right. Printers separate dog'll get you. I worry about the security risk either. Apparently nobody can't log into it without you're supposed to do so we use wired again in looking. It's all about like just making sure that you have the latest firmware for the thing updating your run the system updates on your computer computer logitech now offering from where updates for these though now they have some of them yeah epithet also selling the old version still. They're pulling them randy right here. It says in his article article is here's the link you need to logistic support page which contains links to update tools for your grandma going to go up to her logitech miles from my the mouse what's a ball in it with with nepal and my husband and i got to come over and clean for every six months because of all the cat hair right right trapped in the ball or not our parents i._t. Department that's exactly the idea no time role every every sunday. My father pays someone because he knows what he'll do if he asks me the best channel honey do something about that. I am up on money. Why am i go home. Play could talk. I'm pushing. It is close though it's far speaking of people crazy accents. We're gonna come back in a minute. <hes> with the ken we talk podcast folks eric anthony shayna. This is the i._t. Atv podcast jesus christ and we'll be right whatever back i got it. I'd say in the reeds meets listen networking detroit's one bay asset time. Hey this is john schneider from nip tuck. Smallville has an have not so dr quinn hot in cleveland. Signal is the american teenager and just about everything you can possibly imagine an oh yeah the dukes uh hazard. You're listening to bob and dave the i._t. In the d. show i in the d dot com.

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