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First day of mental health awareness month it would kick in with doctor read out Walker show me and one of the first chapter of the book you know stand on the suicide topic you say what you can do if death seems like the best in to paint but for those feeling suicidal what what what what can you do yeah I think it's important to recognize that we have the resources and then we have external reports it and in the book I also talk about psychological cortices basal psychological fortitude is that the level of resilience or resistance we have two things that will otherwise challenge or undermine our psychology we need are mine in order to be a relationship work to live our life purpose but some of us might wish all worn down but we just can't function day to day and so we have to tap into our internal resources so for people who are feeling like my life doesn't matter no one cares if I live that if we can't happen to writing down a lot of times we get our hands on do we have to be willing to reach out to other and that can be hard in our community as you all know because of distance shrink everything that we have that is important but on the other side of that we think well if I'm asking for help and it needs a week well I would challenge that and that asking for help means if someone is strong enough to overcome their potential weakness the challenge is that when people get into suicide related crisis it's hard to problem solve it's hard to okay let me figure out what to do now they are so overwhelmed they don't have the resources to figure out what the problem is and what the best long term solution is you know you made a lot of suicide is is I want I don't wanna see accidental what what I mean accidental is like I think a lot of times I think what people talk about suicide and a lot of it is for attention they want people to take care about them and I think sometimes when people feel like you know L. they said they were going to they not really going to do it I think almost people like feel like they force themselves to be like now they believe they don't think I'm going to do it then they want to do it you see that happen a lot I do think that there's a conversation around like they just want but the challenge of that is what is something like what you describe happens and is it worth it to take action right I'm hopeful to think of suicide crisis as a personal pain who want the pain to it right however they go about getting that he is the one it is he says it is in all of their thoughts they don't tomorrow they just wanted it so maybe they have done something to put themselves in a risky situation you know not a legal limit because yes we have a lot of people who have died who don't die back right yeah people who do things because I want to end up paying not thank you great taking a bottle of your home I guess this will be needed or not yeah right but it is really beautiful and so they die I think that it helps all of us and I talk to my doctor about it because I for everyone you know Dr Reena Walker you talk about reclaiming your mind so how do you reclaim your mind to reclaim a life worth living yeah I use reclaimed intentionally because I do the African people around the world as having resilience with with enough which is why we're still here and so what I'm saying is you know we claimed our connections to our African heritage and calling it what it is I think in that beautiful state I don't know anything about act that never been there there's nothing about me that African and that it's just not true because we see it around us if only we reclaim we have to learn more about our history you know go to our African cultural museum talk to our older relatives about what life was like when they were younger so we have to reconnect with what it means to be who we are and not criticize or be critical of beings that are African and call ourselves you know leave in a way that a lot of mainstream folks have minimize or denigrate it what it means for us to be who we are what advice do you give to people outside of this this quarantine that you noticed on open up things in people losing jobs you know they're losing money how do you tell people to monitor a mid to help in this situation is is that even possible it is possible and it started being intentional so one of the things that people humans are trying to do is get the contest with five being now yet losing a car and losing a job it is hard to sell your emotional well being your psychological fortitude isn't about bad things happening it is about managing your response or your reaction to that bad thing so losing a job for some people and I know there are plenty of stories out there that was a blessing that I lost that job because it allows me to tap into my soul in here to be liked business sense to create something that looks that was who I was so I think the easiest thing is to focus on the next hour when someone is overwhelmed don't think about next week think about okay what do I need to do in the next fifteen minutes if what I need to do is just to kind of sit down and watch TV they do that because otherwise we get so overwhelmed it can be hard to figure out the solutions that are V. weekend somewhere in our family or in our community so I having difficulties right now at home in their relationship you know as we've been seeing a lot of people have been realizing whom maybe it's time for me to file for divorce they're not sure how to work through whatever issues they have things are being magnified right now what's your advice to somebody should they wait until this pandemic is over and then reassess or is this really a time when you're these might be some prevalent issues that you're like okay now I'm realizing what it really is now that we're in here twenty four seven hello you always said you know domestic violence calls you set up shop to the roof and and for those who are in domestic violence situations there are hotlines and number to call to get support but in those kind of situations people can do the best they can with what they know but sometimes it works to reach out and so I I do think that because we know those rates are going up apart making other big decisions relationship wise I probably make the same advice that anything that's hard that at least take time to write down what are the pros and cons of that decision and sitting down to think okay if I leave this is the program leaving each other constantly being and then if I may do the pros and cons also upstate and that works with anything sometimes the pros and cons all equal and then we have to decide what makes the most sense in my who would have believed what is it that I feel like I need to be doing because we have another another year and so we have our popular thinking in our intellect but we also have you know that voice that's been pushing us in one direction or another that we I think we all need to be paying a little bit more Christiansen and the quarantine time give the opportunity to do I we have what we've got to read a Walker when we come back at the breakfast club good morning it has the next that is the exact when this happens the next E. eighty when an I. ninety we got a lot the morning everybody's DJ envy Angela yee Charlamagne the god we are the breakfast club if you join us today is the first day of mental health awareness month it would kick in without the read out Walker show me now let's talk about blackness right because you have a chapter in the book racism is bad for you right in and you talk about the balancing act that goes along with having a black identity taking care everyone else to put in the effort into being a put together despite being invisible expound on that a little bit yeah it's hard I think for those of us who strongly identify you know with being black and recognizing that there are racial tensions in our society there are consequences of being black we've a lot of what distortion lies you gotta work twice as hard to get half as far I think that over time put a burden on us thank you think it's one of the reasons that we see the high levels of hypertension and high level of health problems in part because they've been passed on it also part of our family but in part because on a day to day basis we're struggling navigating how do I both students so that I can advance maybe a job and get promoted but also maintain my sanity and be true to who I am it it's a juggling act and meanwhile there are folks who are being hunted by the police and being killed and so all of these stressors come together if we're not intentional is really starts to get to what the where's downs so what's your definition of meaningful blackness on the one hand I think that we we recognize that maybe how we dress how we carry ourselves and the food that we eat maybe the level of culture but I think a lot of people resonate with you know you don't put braces on the talent and think that any but on the other hand there is like I said it digging into who we are and the people I really do believe that that is going to be the starting point for a different it's just a different kind of well being including psychological fortitude including our businesses entrepreneurship like every day yeah when we can connect to the fact that we were some of the original creator it's an engineer in society all of society that we have to connected back in order to be able to turn the boat around it's kind of thinking in a lot of weight how do you tell people to deal with anxiety you know especially if you have kids and everything is going on in this world you know we have to recognize where we are in our level of anxiety because not everyone is saying right now one of the things that I talk about in the book I read it mycological what its leader stolen zero to ten save European really very low ecological fortitude intend being high you know where are we we can do the same thing with anxiety if it's hot five or higher we probably need to make some adjustments for a lower there we could probably sit with it for a little while what are the objectives that we make we evaluate the what about the situation is in my control and this is where we have to just sit and be mindful maybe talk to someone else and then he does that work if not then we have to reassess the couple with another solution now when you say exactly you notice it is there really because the equipment sometimes I try to figure out if I'm having exactly well if I if I have from a caring caring you know like every time my son goes out and I constantly think about is he okay is that exactly that not just the effort and that's what you're supposed to feel like you know it's hard to get to that the difference between the two like when my kids go out I'm after because I'm like well you're right but I'm not here about ninety is a certain amount of it's not a worry when you're worried.

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