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Family injury family drama. Really? How let's. Where to start with this? So you know, that we we ended up asking what are three characteristics of this person. We've never done a tandem before. But how do you want to do you want to focus on both of them? Or do we want to talk about Wilbur mostly? Let's start. We can start Wilbur Wilbur was that they had that survive genius that you required. And this is what I read in college. But at the end of it, I I was just cold because I'm from Virginia. I went to Kitty Hawk as a kid all the time. Like, there's nothing here that helped me how they did this thing. But when I heard the research, I found out that this guy after this sounds crazy. But he murderer basically shattered his jaw who would later be electrocuted. Eighteen ninety six he went into it three year depression, where he didn't leave the house when he came out. He was obsessed with light that became his mission. Okay. Here's a man who had this incredible capability. So the three things would be genius tenacity grit because this is a guy who dropped out of high school had no training at all. The biggest thing has had a bike shop with his brother, and he tells his father who's a Bishop, and there's a whole story there. I'm going to Kitty Hawk to invent flying. And be like you're saying we're gonna go flying saucer. So. So many questions, let's do the job raking thing. So why why is that why was that moment important as life and the three years he didn't leave his house because name was Oliver crook hall, and what happened was he shattered his John this time. There was a Komor biddies one thing would lead to another huge on his way to Yale. He was he was going to go to Yale. He was a great student when this happened he became ill. You went into the dark. Knight, fellow his mother was dying. He ended up carrying herpes for you. So Limbaugh who called the Byrd man into. He was over in Germany flying jumping outside the close with these wings horseback. One percents to read about him and becomes staff a guy who's almost like an artist without a mission. He writes, his father. I don't like business. I like the light to the mind as much more business orientated. Hurt any grounds onto this thing? And he never left to go. Wow. Could make the argument that if he just went to yell and did that thing and did the trajectory that he was on that he never would have found that passion. Absolutely. Because it allows people I believe people have incredible talents. But it's it's who follows that. And you know, there was no way for him to follow anyone's because flight was jeering Beeri at the beginning. This is very interesting to see had a patent after he flew in nineteen three for the control system. Not the plane guys jumping off cliffs and with the crazy things that they were actually fine. But whatever control, you know, he he went and he spoke to the western society of engineers in Chicago. And what he did he got the piece of paper because he wanted to demonstrate and this is a very radical theory at the time that flight was basically unstable secretary Langley for the Smithsonian, which is a whole nother story to Langley believe flight with like a locomotive you just put a big engine on it point the plane to the sky lie straight over said, no flight inherently unstable. So he came up with the ailerons elevator and rudder the fused. Every airline today. So let's be the genius. So well, all three of these. But one thing that struck me when I might limited knowledge of these gentlemen is how hard they studied flight and as much as they could. And how how they observed the birds for you can tell me more hours. Right. They were just watch birds. So they had to really work at their genius. Right. Exactly. Exactly. And so so we're we're starting to study these briefing Kitty Hawk and before that he came out with the theory he took in inner tube box. Any twist at the end of it. And we came up with was called wing warping. Did he he he saw how birds turn would just flex dancer their wings? So I am self and went outside of Dayton Ohio with testing to and he worked wings of this flying wing basically in made the turn. Well, this would be ailerons which you know, you look out your window of an airliner, and you see those big flat turning down those are an around. So he came up with this theory before anybody else, did, you know, it a very radical theory. Because everybody else believe he just sort of ships your way, and it'll turn. But yeah. So this is this is the beginning of flight, and he got that from watching birds. Yeah. He absolutely. It would study the birds how much how often do you watch can you quantify how much and how often for how many years you watched birds? Basically it was years. He would go out there. And here's another thing too. When he got sick, his father Bishop melt, who by the way, it was a very overbearing autocrat, and who started this whole thing that everybody's equal. And that's why the world beliefs. They both Bennett he he took out of his library. All these books on animal flight, his father happened to have anyone out, and he would just observe the birds for our years of doing this and writing sketches and try and see because he didn't believe that. It was power. He has another radical theory key believe that if you built the correct wing you could fly forever without an engine. What do we call it gliding today on thermals? That's hawks. Do really cool. Can you give us an example of his tenacity? Right brass. I'm talking about prepared just tuning in nineteen Ninety-two. He's he's keeps trying to fly. And what happens is every time. He turns the plane turns down just like an spiral every time. And by the way, he doesn't fly until nineteen two. He's even baldness. So what does he do? He goes back, and he builds a wind tunnel because here's here's where the genius. Key finally believed that all the data. Everybody's been working with is totally wrong, absolutely wrong. Start entirely over. In other words, he has to make up all the list. And this is this is something nobody done before he goes over his bicycle shop with his wind tunnel. And he's little delivers a metal. He he's pioneering here what will stand for all time. It's the lift coefficient planes us today. What year did he do this nineteen ninety two until he ended up flying in nineteen? Oh, three years ahead of years of study. And before they even had had it off to Kittyhawk. Absolutely. Here's another thing to one reason people believe that Wilbur and Orville equal because on the day of flight December seventeen I flew that day but on December fourteenth, Wilbur, flew the plane went up and down. It was horrible turn only went up for twelve seconds. It's like a controlled crash, but there's a camera there. They took the famous photo that you always see I that photo went around the world. But the next flight was Wilbur he flew full full minute. Nobody even knew about this. That was the first flight control flight because Orville isn't that plane every oh these guys are equal simply not true. And can you give us an example of the grit of Wilbur? Would be the fact that when he after he flew, okay. I'm pretty flu. He decided to monetize this this plane. But here's the thing. Nobody would give a patent. Nobody. Nobody believed him. Nobody believed that he flew. He didn't get a patent till three years later. Send it in in the patent office kept saying this won't work this this, you know, what it did. Nobody believed in the newspapers were putting headlines like fliers or liars, you know, they just simply didn't believe him. And here's another thing complicated. He believed he was so far ahead of everybody. He went secret 'cause his whole thing. He's afraid people would steal technology. So he wouldn't show anybody that he could fly to so. But what are you doing? She kept improving the plane improving the plane. Finally, it's actually in France, and he flies and everybody sees this guy doing savior eight over in France. And they can't believe any becomes your worldwide celebrity, and that that was well that wasn't Orval warmer that did was he able to profit off of it eventually eventually, but he dies in nineteen twelve from typhoid fever. It's his brother Orville who gets the million later nineteen forty two. And here's another thing too. I'm sarah. Orville gets in a huge fight. Only American actually wrote a huge articles when I sent you. And the fight. It comes over who really invented the plane because they're saying secretary Langley who also NITEL three really his plane could have flown. Orville gets mad and ships away in nineteen. Oh, three flyer. Nineteen twenty eight it doesn't come back through the United States for twenty years. It stays in Britain all the way through World War Two everybody. Charles, Lindbergh, FDR all plead with them to bring it back to America. He says no not until the Smithsonian says we were and it took twenty years did what's what's the case at Langley has it. He did it first language. You got fifty thousand dollars from the government to build a plane, and his theory was really big engine on this thing it's gonna fly. So he put a fifty Marcus. Time flies off this plane in the Potomac the thing doesn't nosed I write down. Right. He's disgraced this is Sony disgrace. All right. There's another guy named Glenn Curtiss Glenn Curtiss hates the rights because they have a patent on the control system. He comes up with an idea, I'll break their patent by make Langley's planes fly. So he really works. It flies at the Smithsonian comes up. Langley could have fought them the launching problem. And they stand by it. But it never did. In every. But yeah. So so this whole this whole fabrication becomes this major major controversy and oracle says fine. He puts it on a steamer that nineteen Ninety-three fire ships to Britain. Where again, it stays like their war to almost get blown up by the Nazis found in Britain. It doesn't come back till nineteen forty eight. The book is called Wright brothers wrong story. How Wilbur Wright solve the problem man flight, William I got a.

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