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At the time Zametica's was writing the script to back to the future with co writer. Bob Gale in the original drafts MARDI MC fly an eccentric inventor dunk brown travelled through time in a refrigerator as a MEKA's prep for the movies production. He didn't think it seemed right. Then, he got an idea he asked Gail. Wouldn't it be better for doc to build it into a car? What if the car was a delorean gale agreed loving the relevance to the Cultural Zeitgeist. The director replaced the Fridge with the DMC twelve outfitted to be doc Brown's icon ICK, time machine. When back to the future was released in Nineteen eighty-five, the movie was an instant hit spawning two sequels brand new legacy for the delorean motor company's only vehicle. Shortly, after the movie's release, sixty role delorean center filmmakers letter, he thought the movie was brilliant and thank them for featuring the car so prominently he wrote. I am particularly pleased that the delorean motor car was all but immortalized. Thanks again for continuing my dream in such a positive fashion. Back to the future, indeed renew interest in the DMC. Twelve now colloquially known as the delorean, not only did fans dream of owning real delorean one day toy. Versions of the back to the future car flew off the shelves. The licensing fees reportedly helped delorean. Pay His legal bills. But. It wasn't enough. delorean continued to have money issues throughout the nineteen ninety s and declared bankruptcy in nineteen, ninety nine. At Age seventy four, the man who had once owned multiple million dollar homes downgraded to a one bedroom apartment. He sold his New Jersey Mansion to Donald Trump. Who turned it into a golf? Course? All the trappings of delorean's once lavish lifestyle were gone. His close friends hadn't trusted him in years, and his children barely spoke to him, traumatized by his legal troubles in the wake of this extreme loneliness, delorean became increasingly depressed. In two thousand two laureates adult daughter Catherine called him, and said that she wanted to take him to a car convention. He was reluctant to go, but eventually agreed. People weren't exactly knocking down his door with social calls. And it turned out that this wasn't just any auto show. The event was exclusively for the delorean car. Catherine started attending these gatherings to heal her own relationship with her father's tragic legacy. The car shows. Let her see how much the DMC twelve meant to so many people despite its massive failure in the nineteen eighties. Now it was her father's turned to see. delorean walked around an entire lot filled with his namesake cars. He marveled at all the people who loved it. Even two decades after it flopped the conference goers were excited to meet the man behind the legend and talk about the tweaks. They made their own Lawrence. Five years later eighty year old John delorean died on March nineteenth of two thousand, five from stroke complications, but when he passed on, he was fully aware of the DMC twelve's lasting impact. delorean auto conventions are still being held today, and there's been talk of releasing an improved modern version of the car soon, although his dream of one upping, GM died in the nineteen eighties, his car still lived on even after his.

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