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ESPN. I'm Chris Melanie coming into this afternoon on Ly one American League spot remained in the division series, the White Sox and the A's To a game three after Chicago to Game one being a strong performance from Lucas Giolito and then Oakland bounce back at home in Game number two. So the third and deciding contest winner take all the 2020 campaign comes to an end for the loser. A game flow Bronte by progressives home insurance. Get your quote at progressive dot com Today. Neither starting pitcher lasted all that long. In fact, they were total 17 pictures used in this 19 for the White Sox and eight for the Athletics. But it's the pale hose getting on the board, first as Theo, one has swung on and lifted high and deep to left field, and he started off October with a bang. Louise Robert hits one, a mild a left field and the White Sox have a one to nothing. Lead. Dan Shulman with the college ESPN Radio Louise Robert the home run 487 FT. 23 years old. He's the youngest player to homer in a winner take all game since Mickey Mantle back in the 1952 World Series. When the Mick was just 20 Robert wasn't done in the third, he adds an R B I single to put Chicago on top. Two to nothing in the Nomar Mazara and R B. I double just like that. It's three. Nothing white socks. We take it to the fourth inning in the A's looking to get on the board. Sean Murphy standing in with a man on Oh, and Murphy swings and drills, one toe left field. Back to the wall and gone..

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