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You kind of brought it up I thought a melody green. But how much does he have left in the tank via than the a season in not like you started was nineteen? He was twenty two when he started and his his gang seemed to have deteriorate still was a good player the last couple years senatorial, but shooting wise was plus but not a elite this year. He was a neat elite elite shooter think second league shooting think behind Joe Harris, if you look at his true shooting percentage over the two two last seasons in San Antonio massive massive massive improvement, more minutes, played more games in played on the team with a lot of wing defenders than I thought when they brought him in. I thought you know, if. If if the where terrorists kinda got him to wear. Physically. He's not the player who was when he was younger. I wondered how you know what his role would be how many minutes, you get of course, he play. But I thought he just might be one guy in a mix of wing guys. You know, really he came out as is. You know, as a guy is is again, one of their most indispensable players is guy. He just surged right to the front of the wings, in my opinion. Siaka course compla- wing, but he also plays up down. He plays all different positions. I wouldn't then co is what I'm talking about. This guy has come off the bench and play with Kawai with Kyle or this one of the wings that come in defense shoot and he put himself right back at the front. I think forty five point five percent on threes should present over sixty percent. Just unbelievable shooting season for the sky big big bounce back from where he was last year's San Antonio. And a big reason why Toronto had. The type of season that had this year. I'll throw this Greg. It's always a little dangerous to go totally top of mind. But we'll we'll take that risk now cholera Danny green best offensive star being backward league. Can you give any any team? That has a better do starting physically tough. It would be tough to top that probably probably is say we'd have your team by team think about it. But it'd be really really tough to top that. Yeah. If in the point guard and shooting guard, they're pretty probably right there with them. But. I don't know what position. Ben Simmons is technically physically playing. Okay. We'll go to the wing position the second wing on the second team Jae Crowder, a guy that plays hard all the time regardless of his situation. Has had it seems zero power around what he's moved to to where he's moved from Dallas to the Celtics in that famous. Rondo trae didn't work out at all for Dallas. You know, was embraced embraced the Celtics cultures. Brad Stevens culture. There was eventually shipped out to Cleveland made the salary work and make the trade work from value perspective when the Cleveland side to get carried a Boston. And then sent you know this year midseason he was very last year. Wasn't he? Yeah. Who man it's all of kind of combining in my brain. But before we kind of jump off their Greg all at you have first shot at sharing your thoughts on why Jakarta's on this list. Just he's just one of those guys also whenever he watched Utah play. In. You know, the minutes aren't all in have the last two years minutes have been at times. Have been forgot who plays twenty six twenty seven minutes a game. It seems like there's a lot of times you look out there. And he's not out there. Seems that way whenever something is going wrong at my coach Frank goes to yada get chain of the game. You gotta they gotta get jammed the game. But got to get to the game got him in the game is shirt off. You know, whatever thinking that Quinn's like J the game..

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