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A classical pianist who, was born in Sweden but has lived on boats in Britain the thirty, two years brought up two daughters latest boat tourists, was, a major project I'd found a old working dodge in Yorkshire worked for timber mill all his working life it was what is it about thirty meters long but I. Can only have both of? About fifty meters on my morning so I had to cut in half cut cutting yes it's still literally cut it in half and then built on another stern with put on an upper deck as it. Were all this happened several hundred miles from here how did you get here it was actually towed by a large tug from the north east of England down a canal system and down the river Humber and then it, was taken Around the coast up, the, river Thames to its existing morning so that took about three days what is the unique charm of living on the boat you're very aware of the elements at all. Times the state of the? River vivid level goes up and down that's the notion of wildlife around so you look out your porthole window always waterbeds sometimes. Those birds get quite close Patrick. Remembers what that meant for her children growing up one year we rescued a little Canadian Gosling, who became a family member and lift with us for about six weeks and by that time was almost fully grown they imprint on whatever Musso we became the family and. Go see as we called him or her we don't quite know what it was came with. Us everywhere goes he had to. Come shopping with me and Ghazi walk to school with? The children and goes you always was very confused. When we had to say goodbye at the school gate because. It didn't know whether to follow. My girls come with me when he was little. He had to sleep with us When he got the bit bigger got quite messy so we had to manage this situation but it. It was a very special man Louis I think. The relationship with essentially wild animal is very different to the relationship with a domesticated, animal patriots boat is moored up to an island in the river Thames there are maybe thirty of the. Boats nearby it is a small community of. Its own bird communities tend to be very close knit I'm forever aware of the state of the. River I mean we did flood here quite severely about five years. Ago and quite a few people unable to get on and off the boats and lost electric, city for quite a long time and a few people are stranded on the boats not able to get on the north to one firm so Wade out to deliver food. Or other essentials you always have To be on your toes. Living on water.

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