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Prime example here's monarch rachelle a you know i've i've had this thesis that fertility is the space that of fury consumer many women you go from trying really hard not to get dr mitchell wanting to get pregnant in a pretty short period of time and when you make that change the literally had nowhere to time so they go to google and when you go to google you get many message boards that are pretty scary and so you look at that and he says you can be a dominant consumer brandt here not only can you saw me products and services right that are necessary from beyond the journey that i'm about to take but you can also create a piece of mind going to meet you matter to me and i love those kind of brands than aren't only functional that their emotion on they really resonate for consumer in they create a piece of mind out before um and i think there's a lot of room for that in health and wellness on a long aside as well where the whole world does mental health acupuncture cairo landry all of that has been pretty fragment did not that institutionalized nahdlatu brand built around did in i'm excited to see brands emerge that are building interesting things in that role to anything about the whole of yagudin's looked quite a bit mental there's talk spurs i think it's very tricky and i i think it's one i'm i'm enjoying spending time learning about because the clinical side matters might have been an in his while interns efficacy for some of these deletions technology is gonna be piece of it but it may be an online offline solution songs there was transition a bid to protect your mentioned relieve a believes lansdale but you've been spent a lot of time there where are you looking right now where you charter syntech is a good transition here because i actually think some of things that make the category addressed into me on the consumer side are similar to health critical rainwear i think it's a category marked by brands that aren't only old.

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