Iran, Christopher, Richard discussed on Mark Levin


Was a problem when became a bigger problem when later Donald Trump took a mother is weighing in flint became an adviser I don't mean to demean floods experience that way to me to say it like that the poor the word Flynn's a patriot take a mother's wing is kind of condescending but help some your joins the team when joins the trump team later becomes a national security adviser and big comes huge epic colossal threat to the Obama administration that now knows what oh my gosh rob wins the election which you later does the names when this was your adviser for knows where the unmarked graves are we can't have this guy out there talking about the weaponization of the Intel community so what are they do they double down of course and a weaponized the Intel law enforcement community again to make sure that the trump team is destroyed in late in the process now how do we know this well if you follow some of the excellent reporting I mean actual reporting out like the fake news reporting out there in the media like the hell and all with Bob sack and that failed operation but if the hell what a joke the hell is is as a friend of I just the I mean they try to be political to point out here they only attack John Solomon today ruthlessly their own reporter because he exposed this Ukraine scandal with Democrats what a joke I think Bob sack over there is a good guy embarrassed himself today but windows were all the bodies are buried Chuck rusted some reporting at the daily caller we find out as far back as twenty fourteen Mike Flynn is invited to a dinner over in London and the people involved in putting on the dinner in the invites shockingly or some of the very same people alleged to be the big players in the Spygate dossier scheme of Donald Trump wow what a shocker did you get the date right yes I did in twenty fourteen might slated outspoken the guy sounding the sirens the Clarion call this Iran deals a problem the intelligence community's broke and we need to fix it back as far back as twenty fourteen when a bomb is still president when is targeted by some of the very same spiky players spying on the trump team later who okay check Ross the daily caller's of pieces from awhile ago but in one of his pieces if you just cool Chuck Ross daily caller Richard dear love Stephan how per Christopher steel when put those names and you'll get all those pieces there's a bunch of them so.

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