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They weren't going to fight a war, and they certainly were not going to be tricked into fighting Berkeley's war. The men picked up turned around and went back home. Some accounts say that as the men walked away chance of Bacon. Could be heard. For Governor Berkeley. This was nothing short of devastating. It was a complete disaster. In addition to now finding himself literally standing alone deserted by his Army, Berkeley head just changed the course of the war. On some alternative timeline out there you can imagine a situation where Berkeley went out beats big into the punch, dealing with the Indian threat and proved that the Virginia government still has the backs of the people. All of this would work towards eroding the popular support for Bacon as Berkeley would prove that he's still willing to defend the colony. Unfortunately for William Berkeley that version of things never plays out. Instead what does end up? happening is the complete opposite. Berkeley had exposed himself as being weak men were unwilling to follow his orders or fight for him against the rebel Bacon. With the Indian threat looming Berkeley's actions clearly state that he is more interested in dealing with his personal grudge against Bacon. Then he is about fighting the Indian medicine protecting the colony. Finally he not just supported, but created a plan of action that was he virginians killing Virginians. All the worst fears that biggest supporters had regarding Berkeley or in a single moment confirmed and worse. The governor was working against them and had no qualms sending their neighbors out to kill them. They get upon learning about this immediately recognized just how we Berkeley was. There would not be a better time to strike. With that Bacon and his men abandoned their campaign against the PA- Monkey. Indians whom they had yet to find anyways they turned around and much back to confront and deal with Berkeley once and for all. It's important not to lose the much bigger point in all of this as a whole lot about the state of the colonial leadership in July of Sixteen, Seventy six when Berkeley hit asked twelve hundred men in Gloucester to come with him and take down the rebel Bacon, all he got was some uncomfortable muttering before the entire group collectively.

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