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Increase in one way we waits for everyone that is a women's issue that is the gender justice issue the local event is due to wrap up later this hour meanwhile several teachers who were damaged by jet fuel dumped from a delta airlines flight heading to L. A. on filing a lawsuit attorney Gloria Allred believes her client's deserve to be compensated the plaintiffs could feel the fuel on their clothes their flesh their eyes and their skin some teachers claim they ended up going to the emergency room and hours after the incident they also say students were terrified so we're even afraid to come back to school the flight dump the fuel over cut a hay last Tuesday the plane was returning to LA X. following an engine problem however FAA officials say the pilots did not follow proper procedures along island woman dead after being struck and killed by a car Friday night come say that sixty year old Paula Jones of west Babylon was crossing little east neck road in our hometown when she was hit by a kia shortly before six PM James was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital the driver did remain at the scene and was an injured so far no charges have been filed cops are on the hunt for a suspect after a police chase ended up and a multi vehicle pileup in Harlem police Matteo with details authorities say it started as an armed robbery on one hundred twenty fifth street and Madison in Harlem and ended in a car chase and crash a few blocks away this witness says when the white sedan came to a stop two people inside took off running thank you see people scrambling around in the next you know I noticed two guys running up the block line just running very hard officers have one man in custody and are searching for the second two people involved.

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