Chattanooga, Senate, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


O. W. in Chattanooga market dropping state department warning I'm Christopher Cruz stocks opened sharply lower on Wall Street at the open and have just continued to fall investors and traders are increasingly worried that a recession is coming says Bankrate dot com analyst mark camera economists have been saying for quite some time now that they expect a recession in twenty twenty because of a rising tide of worrisome signs including the slowing global economy the fact that the US expansion is long in the tooth and by the way trade tensions and terrorists only subtract from economic activity yields on two year and ten year treasury notes inverted that hasn't happened since two thousand seven the state department today warned American citizens traveling to Hong Kong to exercise increased caution due to civil unrest the city's airport was operating today after two days of being shut down when pro democracy protesters occupied the main terminal Jennifer a rose says she was raped by Jeffrey upstream at his mansion in New York City when she was fourteen and fifteen years old today she sued his estate his former girlfriend and three unnamed members of his staff correspondent Jan Johnson the two year old Jennifer rose says she's angry at sting won't have a day in court but the civil action will help her reclaim her power after what she says was an experience that robbed her of her youth and innocence arose alleges she was subjected to months of sexual abuse the lawsuit also accuses former associates of overseeing the recruitment of other girls and facilitating a pattern of abuse shifting apparently killed until Saturday as he was being held in a federal jail in Manhattan on sex trafficking charges Democrats continue to pressure president trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to support a bill that would require background checks for gun buyers on Capitol Hill there's a lot of concern about whether any bill can get by power partisan support.

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