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Next up in the hot seat is seventeen year. Old Rebecca Beca boat right from the subject of the conversation. Is Kevin Young so I know Dan driver because two summers ago I went to Germany with his sister. Debbie dreifort W I became close friends and through her. I met her brother and after that Dan dreifort night became pretty good friends Thursday September thirteenth nineteen ninety. Dan called me at about eight. Twenty P M. He had asked me if I wanted to come over later and told me a bunch of people were coming Over later and I said WHO and he said Chris Jones Lisa Pruitt and maybe Kevin Young and be Dan Messing her. I told him I didn't think I could get out. I was tired and I wanted to get to bed not was the end of our conversation. Friday September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety during first period at the high school. Will Dr Rumba said that Lisa Pruitt had been involved in a homicide last night and since nobody really knew how it happened. The basic rumor was that she'd been hit on the head with a blunt objects and her body had been found on the sidewalk corner of South Woodland and leave later at around one thirty PM. I went up to our Beka at Shaker Square and and since I was waiting for Debbie dry for it to come in and since Kevin Young was the only one I knew up there I sat down and talked to him. Basically he said has David as bad as everybody else's else's and I said well it was pretty depressing. I said it doesn't seem like the type of things that would happen in Shaker and I was really worried for Dan dreifort since no doubt. He's probably a suspect. Somehow or other we got onto the topic of rape. I said well if she was raped. Isn't there a possibility that they will find some semen sample on her body and Kevin. I said I don't think she was raped. I said well just assuming from that. They will be able to prove who did it. And he said while tests like that or one hundred percent accurate so of Dan dreifort did it. Then chances are they probably know already but I really don't think she was raped then. I told him that I had heard she'd been pulled from her bike around the corner on South Woodland before Lee and that she'd been hit on the head with a blunt object. He said No. I think she was stabbed. I said well that's not what I heard. And he said I'm pretty sure she was stabbed. Then I said it would make sense that her bike would have been found in the area like before you reach lease since from what I heard. Her body had been found on the sidewalk on the corner of South Woodland and Lee. Kevin said he thought they founded around there in the field nearby around that area. I said not that it really matters since nobody really knows was except police. He said yes. You're probably right then. I went to get a pink lemonade and when I came back I said some extremely psychotic person had to have done this and and he said what makes you think that and I said well it's not the type of thing perfectly sane person does then. He's sort of like sat up and said really loudly in really quickly. While I would only kill in self-defence then he likes switch to the Persian Gulf issue. He said what does for Breezy. Oh think about what's going on and I said he thinks that they should reinstitute the draft and to add women to it which I think is pretty unfair. This was said pretty jokingly he said why and I said since women the obvious the superior sex. I don't think we should be forced to go off to war and be killed. He said but you think people who are my age and are about to be headed off to college should be forced to go thirty killed and I said well. That's what for Breezy. Oh thanks and Kevin sort of rolling his eyes and kept saying my God. I should storm his house and kill him. Then I said said somewhat jokingly as long as I'm not shipped off and he said Oh because you don't think women should be killed and I said exactly he said I don't know about that I can think of a few women and I would like to see dead. I said like who he said. The only thing I want to know is if the. US is in the Persian Gulf because of NATO pride or oil and he kept on babbling doubling about this. I got bored so I told him I had to go pick up my mother which I did when you talk to Kevin Young Arab on Friday afternoon to tell. Oh you how he learned of the death of Lisa Pruitt now. Did Kevin mentioned anything about being invited over to Dan dry goods house the night before you know. Did Kevin Young ever indicate directly to you any kind of romantic feelings towards Lisa Pruitt. Yeah but it was quite a while ago ago it was like in the context like Dan was a god because he could get any woman he wanted and I said why do you care. And he said because she has a great ass I said why why do you like her or something and he said I'm not gonNa tell you because you'll go. Tell Dan I said I don't care one way or another how people feel sexually towards Lisa and he said if you where a guy you would. Have you ever known Kevin Young or have you ever seen Kevin Young carrying any type of weapon now on Friday afternoon Arabica when you spoke to Kevin Young. Did he mention any conversation. He had with Kenny Workman the night before. Now is there anything else that you wish to add to this statement now. Finally.

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