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Is the threat guy but he would later be indicted on more charges gregory moore was indicted on one count of tampering with evidence one count of obstructing official business one count of laws of the occasion one count of telecommuciations telecommunications fraud and two counts of forgery yeah this guy is is scumbags yeah but i think the the key thing here is a lot of these indictments have to do with the liza sherman when when gregory moore was indicted when the indictment was announced that then prosecutor said in a statement we believe that this indictment and the evidence behind it takes us one step closer to bringing a liza shermans killer to justice nine so make no buts about it this this has to do with her murder with her case now gregory more has denied these allegations originally he pled not guilty he was scheduled to appear in court in may of this year on unrelated charges those were from the the the bomb threat drivers inducing panic that and laughter he was playing not guilty to those charges as well now let's talk about these new charges because according to secures gregory more never met with a lease of that day they they claim that he initially provided a statement to investigators that he was waiting in his office during the time of the attack but but data retrieved one year later with the help of the fbi the old cell phone paying they use this from a downtown cell tower this suggested that he allegedly lied about his location and miss led a liza by other this important information on that one sentence right there day he allegedly lied about his location this means where he told police he was during the time of the attack but they also follow that up with miss led a liza meaning he's telling her stuff in communication that is not true as well so he's lying he's lying to the victim minutes before she's killed right and then.

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