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Nothing well at one. We really short. Yeah sorry everyone. But i after e. Three there were rumors from from from the rumor. Mill of jeff grubb. That dead space was getting a remake at sounds like other people of kind of confirmed that is happening. Yeah there's an announcement coming like. Yeah this week the day is you ain't play or something that they call. There's so maybe by the time the show comes out this thing already be out. it's awesome. it's awesome. I know i. Obviously i'm excited. I like that series. I don't know what a remake is because hopefully it's a reimagining a little bit like i don't wanna really replay that exact story something similar. Yeah i mean here's the thing. I'm stoked about it. I mean i'm not the biggest fan of dead space on the podcast. But i i see the potential for what could be The unfortunate thing about it is Ea doesn't get a pass in my mind. They systematically like decimated a very talented studio in visceral they had unfair numbers for the third game to achieve which were virtually impossible for a fucking survival horror game even though they took a lot of the survival horror out of the third one as far as i understand it still fun. It's just yeah sure like the third one was not the one. Yeah we'll still get. It's just it's just pretty shitty. That capcom has really good idea executes and does some remakes of games that are really popular. They make fucking shitload of money off of them and then e as like what we should do we should rebooted. It's like fuck you like you guys can eat shit like i get it like if the games. Good the games. Good but also. I just think that it's just so a the way that this is handled. And i i think you can't overlook the fact that like i mean a number of years ago. People were calling for You know visceral or not necessarily visceral but for dead space to come back and he was just like nah not gonna happen single player. No there's no money in it and then like proof of concept capcom does it. And then they're like. Oh sure capcom to do it. And respond made the that janae game share so even within their own house. The a did make some money off of a single player. A star wars single player property. But the is greg my biggest hold up in. This is like it's an ea remake coming out like we could see sunshine pieces shit show to people the wanna get excited about it. Yeah they could kill spacing of bringing back. It'd be like remember this. Yeah we've fucked it up. I mean does. I think i think again going back to like comparisons to resident evil. The remix like especially to like. I think that they realized that they got fucking nail. It like they're going to it. They got a nail it. So i'm sure it's been in development for a while now who knows when the thing's gonna come out but the whole thing.

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