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She says here, and I hope this is a direct quote. It's from Judy in peril. Fox News There's a cleansing needed in our FBI and Department of Justice needs to be cleansed of individuals who should not just be fired. We need to be taken out in handcuffs. Now what? I wonder I agree with 100%. In fact, I like that. I agreed with it now. I wonder if she said that to Donald Trump. You know her Donald Trump are very close front. Very close. Not just acquaintances, close friends, and she used to talk with him, just like you know, back and forth all the time. And when Donald Trump was in the White House Visitors show. And I wonder if she ever called him up and said, Hey, Donald, you need to get into the FBI and Department of Justice. The number of people need to be arrested and taken out in cuffs. And I wonder if when he did that. His senior adviser. Laura. Or, uh, Ivanka. Or Jared said No, No, no, You can't do that. Dad. You can't do that. It looked too aggressive. You'll look like a fascist. They're calling you a fascist. But don't give him some reason to actually start saying your fastest and make it true. You don't do that. I don't know. I can't think of another reason. But you didn't dismantle The FBI and start all over again. It's not gonna happen now. No. Where is it going to happen now? So anyway, That's a great quote by injustice to need. Thank you, Jenny. Now there's another. I just saw sign. Somebody's put up a flag in their front yard. This for real. It's a flag in their front yard. Looks to be good size. Maybe I don't know five by 10 something anyway, it says My neighbor is a Karen. And says, not far from my house. I'm dying to know the rest of the story. I would go up and knock on the door and say what your neighbors are, Karen. How so? What do you mean? What happened? Did she, uh, she is she trying to turn you in for something? What's what's she doing? I love my neighbor is a Karen. Let's get back into this piece here on exposing Fauci to be the straight up bio terror criminal that he is the rand. Paul's onto something. I hope Senator Rand Paul runs with this and doesn't back down, no matter what. Just been exposed. That Fauci and his, uh, funding of eco health alliance which is Peter Desert. Is it Dacic or dressing and also, uh, Francis Collins. All of them have been 100% up to their armpits. And building a virus that went on to become the China murder virus. What would be the reason for that? They've never come forth and said. Has anybody said why this virus was made in the first place? No, In fact, Nobody's even admitted that it comes from Wuhan. Wuhan. Love We know it. Does anybody else you're at? You're lying If you don't if you say it didn't straight up, lying Who knows what reason, but you'd be lying. Just stop relying on that This virus came from China came from Wuhan. It was made in that lab. It was engineered in that lab and it was turned loose, either on purpose or by accident. I think it was by accident. I think somebody walked out of there with that because the security wasn't very good. Next thing you know, somebody's got it. They got to start covering their asses. That's what I think happened. Call me naive. Whatever you want. That's what happened. So that being the case. Why wasn't the first thing when we started figuring out it came out of China and felt he was sending money from American taxpayers to fund that research. Why? Why was he trying to? I mean, what was the excuse me? He hasn't even minute he's doing, he tells Rand. Paul. He's a liar when Rand Park straight up, confronts him on it. So Why Well, let's see, Uh We were doing it because we wanted to get some type of information on how viruses work and how we could come up with a cure for the cold virus. I mean, I don't believe that's the case, but that's at least uh, understandable. And it got out of control and it got out and now we're so sorry, but it happened. And we're dealing with it as best we can, but they're not dealing with as best they can. That's a lie, too. But you get the point. No, they keep acting like some mysterious virus just appeared, and it came from a bat. And it's in the world now. And we all have to get vaccinated with some type of gene therapy that was used for cancer research or pioneered for cancer research back in the nineties, and it's going to give you an immunity to a spike protein, not the virus. Spike Protein, So take the virus vaccine. That's that's where we're at right now. So now exposed. Has Fauci. Through 900 pages of a previously undisclosed information. This is from the NIH, uh through a FOIA act, Freedom of Information Act. That that's signs shines a bright heart light of scrutiny on Anthony Fauci. Richard Ebright, Let's go back. Molecular biologist Rutgers University reviewed the material and told the intercept. That's a publication that viruses they constructed were tested further ability to infect mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their self. They'll be there lung cells. So they engineered the virus to see how it would affect humans, and they used mice experiment that they made pretty much human in terms of their lungs. You didn't know that? Yeah. Human lungs and mice. Yeah, it's getting crazier by the minute. Now the Santas run to Santa's governor of Florida. He believes Dr Anthony Fauci purported role and gain a function. Research should absolutely be investigated. Yeah, I'd say from some type of interrogation, so I'm dead serious about that. E bright. This is Richard Ebright, molecular biologist at Rutgers. Concluded by accusing Fauci and NIH director Francis Collins of being untruthful in their previous remarks on the matter. Of course, it's like the Germans I told you about at the beginning of the show. But we we didn't want to do this. The documents make it clear that assertions by the NIH director Francis Collins. And the any I D director Anthony Fauci that the NIH did not support gain a function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at the Wuhan, Uh, Institute of Virology. Are untruthful. Mhm. As Breitbart reported. Fauci has admitted some funds went to Wuhan, but claimed they were never used for gain of function. How would you know that you send funds after China and then you think you know where they're going? As far back as Mai Fatty, told the House Appropriations subcommittee. The funds were given to the Chinese lab through Eco Health Alliance to underwrite a modest collaboration with a very respectable Chinese scientists who were world experts on coronavirus. What you know at that point, somebody should walked up and slapped that bastard in the face as hard as they could have knocked him out of his chair. Knock it off. They should have done a knock it off with him. Right on camera. Pete, you're on the edge. So it was all coincidental. Honda's showing up of the coronavirus. Yeah, Just just Oh, hey, Look, I'm so sorry. Hang on. Can you stick around? Don't go away. Sure don't go away because I picked you up at a time when I'm supposed to be doing this.

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