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Yeah, that was not the case. I don't really know what I would have done. If I had actually been the first alternate where I would have gone because you didn't go up to our BC right. Now I did not so art the the. Field size was supposed to be a hundred and forty four players, but there were more more exempt players than that, so they play beyond the field size. They did the same thing in La earlier this year I. Think around the start of the term maybe one hundred and fifty one hundred fifty one guy, so in order for an alternate to get in, even though it was for I alternate in order for an alternate to get in the field size would have to go down below one hundred and forty four so. Effectively, I was seventh or eighth alternate or something like that. so there was no real real decision to make like I said if if I had been actually I often. I'm really not sure what I would have done. Yeah, so, what does this win? I swear don't mean this as as as directly as I'M GONNA ask. What does this do for you? Because it? Of course, it's great to go out there and win Korn ferry event, but you're not gonNA compete on the Korn Ferry tour, and it doesn't really do a lot for you. On the PGA tour terms of status I understand that, right. I hope that's a fair question I'm just wondering what your what your big takeaway is from it. Yeah, that's a fair question. in the short term my hope is that it gives me a little boost confidence in the long-term, my situation about tour status right now I have ten more starts on my medical extension which should carry me through roughly to the end of the calendar year. And then at that point, I will either have regained my full status on on the tour, or possibly could end up in the one twenty six fifth category, or possibly be worse case for me. It would be in the past champion category, so if that were the case, would probably play a pretty good bit on the Korn Ferry tour next year, and so because they have kind of a two year long combined season this year and next year to get PJ tour cards for the following year it'll pretty much just give me a good head start. With having a win. On that tour to be able to try to finish top twenty, five there and get back to the PGA tour that way. So, it makes it kind of makes my worst case scenario. A little bit better, okay? That makes sense that that that is good colored because I'm looking at it, I'm like man. This is great that he won, but I'll. How does he get Fedex Cup points for this and it really doesn't contribute much on the on the medical front, but. Well I WANNA to know. From what I've gathered? Pretty close as far as at least from a ball, striking perspective comparing how you hitting the ball right now. How you're playing right now with. I think you peaked sixteen in the world at one point, just compare it. You doesn't necessarily have to say as good. What's different are kind of compare your game now how you feel now compared to as good as you've ever felt I would say ball striking wise is as. As good or possibly better than it ever has been physically I feel very good through some some of the different workout stuff that I've done and some swings fi stuff. I'm actually hitting it further than I than I did previously in my career I gotta say you're you're you're instagram videos? Don't keep up with I. Don't keep up with Bryson's. I'm not so. That's all I. can say now now and they never will. That's for sure but. For me, somebody who's who's typically been someone that's been in the one twelve thirteen mile range. With their driver to now just a normal cruise control speed of around one sixteen. And the ability to swing one twenty. That's a big difference for me it. Kind of tips me from from below average to to keeping up with everybody. At say my putting his been very inconsistent over the last few years. a lot of. That's probably just confidence. short game has has been good especially last last two weeks. My my short game was. Hoping to. Be Able to to continue that trend and then last week I putted really great I found a little something was able to get into a groove just trying to. Honestly, trying to be a little bit less perfect I think I got a little bit to. In and trying to I was working all the right things and and working on. Working on my stroke, and and really working hard on my green reading, and all that kind of stuff, which is all great stuff in practice, but I'll probably bringing it. To Competitive Golf a little bit too much, and trying to be too perfect when I was putting in as opposed to just having a be a little bit more of a reaction and feel base thing so I was able to to do a better job with that last week and and thankfully everything came together, but More than that I would say really just from from my highest last year, and then having another break this year it's been. It's been difficult at times mentally to just be out there and have had the same amount of self belief that I had. When I was. Playing really well, and in the top fifty in the world so hopefully last week will be step in the right direction as far as that's concerned and will be able to contain you to build some momentum going forward. A quick break here do check in with our friends at the active you know or black. They are of course. The CBD Company of choice for all of.

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