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Know, Biden introduced this huge $1.9 trillion covert rescue package. With all kinds of things and it already there's some opposition, understandably, from some Republicans, especially in the Senate, where they could block it with a filibuster. And there's talk in the house. Well, let's trip out some parts, the direct payment $1400 and the money specifically to help speed up the vaccination distribution process. And maybe we should just pass that. So you know you're going to see the rhetoric of Joe Biden and his inaugural address today come crashing into reality and how he deals with That will be the mark of his presidency. It's your will. So we'll we'll find out together. All right, so I was listening. Flipping around on deer were Um I know this sounds very misogynistic, but the number of women Commentators on MSNBC. Were gushing about what Kamila Harris was wearing. And we're literally I've over the top gushing about Michelle Obama and what she was wearing. They were going on around. Remember about it? I don't think any of them commented about Melania. So The Daily Mail figured out what Melania was wearing. And What Yeah, it's not like the politicians. Umm spouse there reporting That before emerging from Air Force one Um Melania, who wore a black Chanel suit. And a $70,000 mei bag with a pair of Christian louboutins in my saying that right Bluebird, Bluebird 10 Live it up. The baton. I got the I didn't do, Hermes. I did her May got that right? Black Chanel suit, $70,000 may bag and a pair of lobaton heels. That's what she wore this morning. So on Air Force One before they got to Florida, she changed into something more colorful and more comfortable a 37 $100 Gucci dress. Had a pair of $500 Roger the veer flat pumps. So She likes to dress well. And it's expensive stuff. Um I don't know. I did not know that I know Er Mei is designer prices. I did not know you could buy a handbag for $70,000. Wow. We're gonna get a ERM a bag for your fiance, Alex, you're gonna The that's a no. No. We'll see what that I mean. That's a lot of man alive. Well, she knew would be a big day. So she went out in style. We have time for one, Williams. Was Dr one. He's he's joining in about all the pardons. No, we don't have enough time. Well, let's go. Let's talk about Jay Johnson, then the former head of homeland security. And he says, Yeah, we used to focus on foreign terrorists, but after last two weeks ago We're switching to domestic since 9 11. Those of us who have been involved in national security. Have been Principally concerned with foreign inspired foreign directed terrorist threats to our homeland. That threat picture is now very, very different. Principal terrorist threat is is far right. Violent extremism far right white nationalism of a violent nature that has been apparent now for some time. The Anti Defamation League. For example, has tracked this for years. Terrorist attacks now in the United States are predominantly domestic based bar right violent extremism. And so I'm Pleased to hear that the incoming national security team will make threats like you in on a part of their principal focus. Nominating.

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