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Upper midwest and the big ten pretty much misery. And I think that style starting to be lost a little bit with TV and internet where everyone watches each other and plays with each other. What do you think about in terms of soccer? Boy, that's that's a tough question. I'm trying to I'm trying to think because you have an east coaster in Bruce Arena coaching the galaxy. Yeah. So I think oftentimes style is often dictated at least in the mainstream from the highest level that you're watching. So it's hard to say like, I couldn't sit here and be like, oh, you know, the ten teams in southern California really play an expansive aesthetically beautiful. Style football. I just don't know. Yeah. I don't think. So I think it's interesting that both sides kind of have like a ground zero of talent, you know? Of course, it's the LA southern California area for for the west empire. But but here on the east coast. I think it's just west of here in that like jersey, Philly eastern, Pennsylvania or not eastern eastern, Pennsylvania kind of triangle area. And that seems to be where a lot of that elite talent comes out of Florida starting to make a push as well. But that's interesting. I wonder if people that are more embedded in say, like the soccer culture, or like college high school, whatever could answer better. I think one of the things he seeing the college soccer is what you end up with at the end of the year, which is one playing in cold areas at one playing in. So you have different styles. What I think is unique and exciting about molasses. You have that academy system, and you have the potential to keep guys at home, and you have a potential to build a culture where you can say. Hey, look, this is how Philly soccer place and we play for the Phillies. Union rather than other sports where you have to get drafted. So it's tough. And then adapt one to get in. They are probably drafting you for your attributes and your fit. Exactly. So I think that's that's an exciting. Interesting question, if anyone has any a- respond to here's your interesting note that just came through on the wire Jay Vitovich, the head coach of Wake Forest that's east coast. Of course, heading all the way west Portland he will be the head coach at t to yet. So that's an interesting move. That has some implications for both college soccer MLS on the pay attention to. So here we have a question from Brendon from Irvine. And he said he was on Twitter the other day reading, rob Hainan's Cuna. And when asked about if Kansas City would try and site, Stephen Girard. He heard that the New York red bulls had a discovery claim on him. So he's wondering do MLS teams just put out claims on the Messier the Renaldo those Lonzo just in case they end up trying to sign or is there a limited amount where you don't wanna waste and another the hotel bar like super draft like a discovery signing a lot. I think the way it works is that you have a limited number of these. I believe it's ten I could be wrong on that. But you have to be intelligent about how the us though. So if you don't have a shot at landing guy, AK Lio Messi, don't put it discovered. Claim it on him for the red bulls put winning on Jared that tells me that they think that they have a chance you have. Of course, we talked about this on the last show has that relationship. So they probably think there's a possibility here that you know, we could get this guy. And that's how I have to do it. A lot of them. Of course, are people in South America, guys that you don't know probably but ones that the teams have been scouting for a while. And, but if you had the chance to get messy, and you didn't have the discovery Claremont, and you'd be kicking you would certainly real quick before we get out of here. Simon's New Year's resolutions. We've got a couple Jamie from Grand Rapids says that he has to stop using to me at the beginning of all of his sentences. David aren't on Twitter had the best one. And he said resolutions futile. The board is in a movable object of opinions, and I think. Dave is going to be a winner. I think they are futile especially for Simon Borg for us. Our news resolution. Well, it'll be come back into be better than ever. We were not gonna be around. Of course. We'll get your evergreen episodes coming up very very shortly. But that's it. That's it on this Thursday. His thank you to Jason. United co owner general managing partner they've got their stadium. Congratulations. Thanks to Dave. It's been another good year. Thanks to our listeners. You are what makes this show special. You're what makes us excited to sit down in the studio every Monday and Thursday and thanks to siriusxm see we love that partnership. We hope anybody in the car listening right now is driving safe and enjoying themselves for David Goss. I'm Andrew we will see in the new year.

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