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You and i are in a music video together. We spent the whole day together as we do. I love this dude man. Little you know you want my dudes and we haven't even hung out like that but i fucking love you. I've always fucking love you and everyone talking about you. Like man means due to hang up because look he got lincoln a bucket lincoln both tall long lean. Shit got some kind of cardona poker basis. All this should makes sense does only does okay. Let's talk about. May i lab daily wisdom from j b smooth. This is fun last season of curb. What i did was a did some. Call leon's guided meditation promote curb that season ten and wanted to do me just taking three to Give us some shit in my character and get three of them. This is that. Like i do all the time. Anyway is a sadi's we're metaphors and playing around so addict coenen again just promoting stuff and then hit up a call me back if people say hey would j be considered the win a podcast segment on the show and i said yeah because the idea was because i did in the interview i was given coenen advice and doing these positive affirmations and i always do it with them all the time. Every appears show at About him out. Pull it out of him. And this time they set you this papa. These positive affirmations and taken them over spain them a your way shit. All god does what it is. We take the positive affirmation calendars and you know these things right. Shit pages of shade of just fucking cokes. Yes i take those. Do i wanted to bullet points of the rest. I don't know what the fuck say with me. Perfect playground to just improvise and have fun. Within these positive optimistic could people. They read them by. Sometimes they don't get him is literally it easily seventy percent of the top of my head and then my girlfriend miles was my writing partner miles of my co host and what we do is east hates everything. i say. 'cause i go left and he'll take it and reel it in like i'll say clamming someone's window because you're giving them something and he'll say now when i went to bat counter me with real shit union supposed to do so. It's like he's straight man in it. He's straight man to man.

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