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To tar player and i remember the day he brought home the first meatloaf album that outta hell and i was just it was you know meatloaf or send a heap he brought home the picture disc you know the vinyl disc with the actual picture on it and that was really cool that was my first introduction music and ironically i ended up writing and producing for meatloaf down the road i have a great story about meeting him actually i'd i had done a a show here in los angeles i was i was pretty young in meatloaf came to the show and i had heard that he was in the audience i thought well that's cool i was kind of my biggest celebrity moment so far i was just trying to break into the business and and the next day i get a phone call and says hey james this is meatloaf and i was like hi and he's like you know i was at your show last night and i i made some notes do you mind if i give you some notes and i'm like you've gotta be kidding me but yeah so we spend an hour on the phone and he was giving me all this advice on things that were right about my performance things that weren't right about my performance long story short we kind of became friends and he became a real champion of mine and so one actually he'd called me up we got to know each other maybe six months into this this friendship and he said hey i'm i'm getting ready to make another record i'm not working with jim steinman anymore which was the guy that wrote all of his bigots says i really like your songwriting would you wanna come out to the house and talk to me about about writing some of my new record and of course so i say yes and i you know i plan to go out there in the weekend it was the weekend that i went out there i'm driving up into beller and i'm just i'm just a poor kid i literally had.

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