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It off into the air. Do something other than putting my driveway under wraps for multiple days, thanks to huge things of ice and snow. Connor Green. Who were you trashing, all right, D a. I'm trashing all of these stock market experts on TV who are trying to tell me what I can and can't invest in. If I want to dump my entire life savings of $250 into Doetsch coin, then that's my decision, and I have the right to make my decision and we'll see who's laughing with all these stock market experts when I pay for my waterfront property in the Hamptons. With my highly diversified, highly leveraged position. Indulge coin. So get these stock market experts out trash illegal dumping. Now what exactly is Doetsch coin? Is that like a Bitcoin rip off from what I've heard from different places on the Internet. It's a bit of a Bitcoin rip off, but it's the currency of the future. Okay, That's why Pete's not here. He's looked looking for does going. He's he's actually already serving his Hamptons landscape this week because he's got to dodge Coin. What is the winter of him? Being the Hamptons makes sense. All right. Kind of like Bogue's. I'm trashing plows. But I've got a different plows story where I live. You actually need plows to plow out your driveway because many of our driveways are too long for a snow blower. Blow up snowblower. So be nice. Look, I would love to have a snowblower. Believe me, because that means I don't have to count on plow guys to come and plow out the driveway. But it's got a huge descent. It's got a big, you know, in Kleiner declined down, and there's no way I could do it. So you got to have these plow guys. Then they run around long driveways and they end up plowing. But this guy, we just have this nor'easter the other day, right? So we had I don't know. 20.

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