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The CDC the CDC is still strong sixteen hundred case because they haven't done their updates we as is being look that sixty plus cases of deaths from coronavirus that number going to have some massive spike I don't have the answer in order to be joined by a representative former represented nan Hayworth who is an MD she served few years back about what Congress is doing with some of the states are doing and where the medicine is really get a better idea of what they refer to as the social distancing and the concept of flattening the curve but everybody is looking at the markets and I told you I warned you do not look at your four oh one K. the markets have been down over two thousand J. A. they were down here three thousand I mean that's just that's just insanity you're on insanity clearly the dropping of of the rate of the interest rates put people in more panic than it did in some kind of take a breath the interest rates were dropped in eight they weren't dropped a quarter they weren't dropped a half or three massive no they were dropped a full point the target rate is now zero point two five percent Tony cats on cats today eight three three got Tony eight three three four six eight eight six six nine yeah that's being done so you can well keep up you can keep up with the other states I'm not gonna say the other nations that are all dealing with their levels of economic calamity and trying to ensure that the most amount of capital is available for businesses to be able to grow businesses being able to grow does indeed matter and right now there's a big conversation going on about business and that conversation is the restaurant conversation the banning of restaurants no I'm saying it that's that's a little too strong the only be as clear as possible what I'm discussing is telling restaurants are you not allowed to be open the CDC is recommended fifty people or more don't have a gathering and you've got people like we already have for example in my state the governor of Indiana's Eric Holcomb say I know gatherings of twenty fifty people or more well I had no chance for any sporting events we already know that there's a either suspended or postponed whatever the case may be and no possibilities of concerts things like that the list of concerts and and cancellations going on here is through the roof Elton John has cancelled one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen twenty dates he has canceled twenty that Milwaukee Detroit grand rapids here in in my my beloved Indianapolis New York a Brooklyn New York Montreal all cancer by the way the wife of Justin Trudeau has coronavirus just enjoy the prime minister of Canada coronavirus is affecting people of course it is I mean please no one no one actually thinks is made up it's not made up well the idea is that we're going to see people push for the cancellation of businesses to me as a problem the CDC recommendations would tell me that restaurants can stay open whether or not they should should be up to the restaurant and you can decide whether or not to go there but that we are seeing people we are seeing governors governor of Ohio Mike DeWine a Republican Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan Democrat the Democrat in Illinois prince I Kentucky I believe it is closing the restaurants now that's a new governor what it was Bevin in it I'm it's been here I think it is now in Kentucky they've all said sorry restaurants your your your auto lock in my beloved Indiana the governor has not said that yet and people are kind of apoplectic I can't believe the governor of Indiana is so slow to move people I'm gonna say this again I believe in the science this site is social distancing makes perfect sense to the concept of flattening the curve not overwhelming health care workers I have friends or doctors people reach out to me because of what I do doctors and healthcare workers are absolutely positively concerned and the concerned about being overwhelmed I don't say no to this I say yes to this but the CDC did not say don't leave your house don't talk to your wife if you have extra space under your bed fill it with pillows wait for further instructions get under the bed fill the empty space with bellows wait for further instructions they didn't say that so why are we saying that I reject only the idea that this idea of closing restaurants and bars but still allowing take out and delivery is the only acceptable answer if a restaurant has seventeen seats one of my why why why should nine Tony it's a public health risk what's wrong with you what's wrong with me I don't think anything there's anything wrong with me I think I'm making sense I'm going to do my best to prove my case we'll see what happens in Indiana I don't know if the governor is going to fall to the pressure or not did he really he did not yeah we just got the press release bars night clubs and restaurants are required to close in person patrons and may provide take out and delivery services through the end of March governor call come my gosh no I'm not a fan as you just heard let it literally as it happened I have it right here in the we're here to center disease control prevention for large events in math gas mask gatherings guidance recommends no in person events more than fifty people under the guidance for schools two hundred seventy public school districts are closed using E. learning days are on spring break and announce the future closure bars nightclubs restaurants are required to close in person patrons and main provide takeout and delivery services through the end of March so that's the next two weeks that it the next two weeks here's the question do they have to listen to you I mean do they have to listen to you I don't know if the government has a target was barred to do any of these governors have the authority the total business they can't be in business I'm I don't I don't know how this will be responded to I don't know how this is gonna be responded to I'll tell you this I think it's a mistake source doesn't make sense this does not representative nan Hayworth former represented nan Hayworth of New York M. 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