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Date on or after February fifteenth twenty twenty will be extended until further notice from the Katie okay four warn storm team it'll be partly cloudy today and our temperature will zoom through the mid to upper seventies will drop back to the low sixties tonight storms are possible overnight and then tomorrow we have a ninety percent chance of morning storms and then skies will clear to mostly sunny we'll have a high around seventy four tomorrow but will plunge to thirty six tomorrow night for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast tab for the latest news and information I'm Jacquelyn Scott news radio one thousand Katie okay newsradio one thousand Katie okay studios or service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for Edie yellow teeth learn more at universal men's clinic dot com message and data rates may apply up to five messages a month has this ever happened to you I went to the doctor a month ago and now I get a bill for one hundred sixty seven dollars or this I need to see a doctor but I'm afraid of how much it's going to cost health care costs are just high they're often a mystery with surprise bills trickling in months later but with sesame you get transparent pricing making it easy to save money on great care just visit sesame care dot com and find great prices for any medical service dental exams from twenty nine dollars primary care visits from sixty nine dollars gynecology consultation from seventy nine dollars ultrasounds from one hundred nineteen dollars and MRI eyes from two hundred seventy nine dollars plus a sesame booking and paying for your appointment is simple and straightforward sesame the best health care at great savings in right now get twenty percent off any service just takes care D. sixty four thousand and we'll send you a promo code that scare D. sixty four thousand to get twenty percent off taxi a R. 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S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year breast cancer is unacceptable visit Coleman dot org slash unacceptable traffic and weather together on news radio one thousand Katie okay Oklahoma's first news reporters sponsored by Bob Howard Acura and the CVT plus yes say total traffic studio for the accidents landed down the doormen northbound I. thirty five in main street Slocum Wednesday because of an accident Classen and grants of conning curry said if you're a Plymouth city traffic updates except the standard with all new Acura for Bob the new twenty twenty Acura RDX for two ninety nine a month for thirty six your deposit fifty five ninety ninety twenty eight Oklahoma City today we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper seventies but the best news of all is that we'll finally have some sunshine mostly sunny to partly sunny skies this afternoon enjoy white can clouds rolled back in this evening storms are likely overnight tonight a few could be severe with wind and hail as the main threats tomorrow temperatures in the mid seventies who will have clearing in the afternoon it'll be windy went out of the south at twenty five to thirty miles per hour gusts to forty one for one storm center meteorologist Emily Sutton this report is sponsored by hill and company don't get caught in the cold call the train comfort specialists that hill and company today to schedule an eighty nine dollar furnace tune up another way we are helping you feel right at home want to tell dot com I don't know if he does he'll get he says he doesn't good musky muskrat falls get mostly because the enemy and they couldn't cope with yes you have a lot of trouble free those more just a standalone.

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