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Ah, while their opponent is answering a question you can hear the debate here on W. R nine o'clock president was on the campaign trail in North Carolina as a Biden was sleeping. The president cold Congressman Schiff there, There's an objective newscast. Well going, Joe he was doing so you said you said definitively and authoritatively authoritatively that he was sleeping. I bet you he wasn't making stuff up, making up little jokes in the newscast. It was it was. Ah, it was after nine o'clock. I think so. It probably wasn't awake while I was sleeping for sure that you need you need a nap every day in the Vice President's old anymore, So of course he snaps. The thing is, I mean, we We have an example What Joe Biden is going to be like As president's going to be Ulan. That's going to be you. Well, someone who's level eight of the Dan Paula's at nine o'clock Most levelheaded understands both sides of every issue that just roll over for one side or the other The way you clowns do for it will be a very reach across the aisle. Absolutely. We'll know how Joe Biden will be. Well, I got to tell you this, but this is a good one. Another Trumpism during his rally in North Carolina called Congressman Adam Schiff, Watermelon head. There's a guy acting presidential watermelon head. It's got a true though. I mean, I still Adam shift this guy, the watermelon head, I say That's true. Shifty shit. A watermelon. We're going to miss him. We're going to miss His Majesty's Joe Biden speeches to, you know, looking at Biden's basement. Okay, let's get to some local stuff here. Governor Murphy's quarantine and cut short. A briefing yesterday after he was told to senior staffer had Corona virus just informed by my colleagues that I was in close proximity to someone on Saturday. Who has just tested positive Murphy tested again. He's negative, but he says he's going to take himself off the field as a precaution. Governor Cuomo loosening those restrictions in Queens schools will reopen Monday. Non essential businesses can open as soon as today. The red zones still in place and parts of Brooklyn, the positivity rate they're still pretty high. And remember that story of the California hiker found alive in the Zion National Park after disappearing for two weeks. No food, little water. There was something up with this. I mean, then it works covered this story. 38 year old Holly Suzanne. Corti Air eyes Ah, safe, but they're questioning her story. They say it's unlikely she would have survived that long without anything to eat or drink. She was found just a half a mile from where she was last seen. They also say it's a well traveled area where she should have been able to Teo hears something and maybe even seen the rescue workers. She says. She's survived by drinking the river water, but officials say if you did, you'd probably get sick. So what do you think really happened? Well, I think she has. I think there were some emotional issues with her. He lost his job. Didn't she or something? Yeah, She was a nanny for Corona virus thing. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. Thanks, Joey be coming up next A Trump and Obama hit the campaign trail, but not Joe Biden. Okay, we'll be right back. Bernie, either with your W O r traffic..

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