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Adams the first item long detailed and you guys had a million questions about it so we're gonna start writing this is the big item this is a big three regular items in one big impact it's double stuffed exactly the rumors are flying that call of duty black ops for won't have a single player campaign and instead we'll have a battle royale campaign kind of thing about around multiplayer polygon reported that headline just the won't have a single player and it goes on to say the sources who asked for enemy said that black ops said that as of black fours no said that as black ops fours release date approaches it became evident that development on the single player campaign wouldn't it be completed one source said trae arc has since focused black ops for development on expanding multi player and the series popular zombies mode the source described infamous emphasis on cooperative modes as a potential stand in for the typical single player campaign experience once this went live gary the floodgates opened everybody had a source with something to say he's a feeding frenzy charlie intel report charlie intel hurt similar rumors last month from tipster and that same tipster also informed ci charlie until that raven software has reportedly been tasked with adding a battle royale mode to call of duty black ops for to fill the content gap of no campaign then euro gamer comes off the bench and says one of euro game resources backed up the report about the inclusion of a battle royale mode adding context our source said call of duty black battle royale mode may not hit the magic one hundred player marsin and other battery games at the time black ops for comes out but developers are working towards that number again is worth pointing video game development is a tricky business in planes often change going way back to the polygon article started all this where all they were saying is hey sources say no single player call of duty black ops four they reached out to activision and activision just said we don't comment on rumors and speculation we're excited to tell you.

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