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Music. The buffalo grove Lincolnshire chamber of commerce was trying to shut down a website claiming to represent the organization the phony sideshows the logo of the former buffalo grove area chamber of commerce next to a photo of President Trump and the words support Donald Trump immigrants out chamber executive director. Roger Sosa tells the daily herald the fake website is a huge concern. He says the purported owners of a web address of offered to sell it to the chamber for five thousand dollars, which the chamber won't pay. So since said a chamber attorney issued a cease and desist letter and loot chamber will continue pursuing legal avenues to shut down the site. Bob Conway, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Village of Schaumburg is looking for ways to keep rented and safe from drones officials are discussing how they can protect people from physical injury reports. The daily herald drones were previously not allowed to be used during special events on village owned property, but now because governor round. Owner has instituted a new law municipalities with less than one million. Residents are prohibited from regulating drones a vote by the board on a recommendation by the transportation committee is planned for Tuesday. Mariam's job NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM NAR suburban lake forest says he's not running for a second term fake news. Sun reports seventy year old rob Lansing says responsibilities in his personal life and business interests are behind that decision by day forecast. Next to WBZ news time, seven thirty nine thirteen. Remember when a Cup of coffee at home puts you back about a nickel that was a long time ago. Sure. But at hills brothers coffee, we still believe that a great Cup of coffee shouldn't cost an arm and a leg it shouldn't take six words to describe ten minutes to make or acquire amount of whip cream..

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