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Everyone welcome in to another edition of the wo- JR pod my guest today, Basketball Hall of Famer Jackie MacMullan. We talk about her revelatory five part series running this week on ESPN about mental health in the NBA. She talked to some of the biggest stars in the sport and got them to open up about what they're dealing with. What they've dealt with for very long time how the league and teams are addressing these issues for players in the NBA right now, a remarkable series of stories by the great Jackie MacMullan. Here's our conversation. Welcome into Jackie Jackie. How are you? Hey, are you agent? I might the last person on earth that calls you Adrian? No, no, you're not good at all. I mean, I have a family of will just so in my family, everybody's last name is John hausky. So lots of people there everybody's well child, you well. Yeah, but they're not all throwing bombs, right well, in their own ways. Many are. Teenagers, so their bones. Yeah. So Jackie, this is an. I've been fortunate to have read all of it and everyone's going to be able to see all of it by the end of the week. But you publish this week on ESPN dot com. A five part series started Monday. And then Tuesday when this publishes partout and then on the rest of the week about mental health and the NBA it was a long time in the making for you a long time in the reporting. And I think a lot of people may have seen the Kevin love interview on sportscenter and some of the other ESPN shows where he talked on here with you obviously spoke to you for a longer form for the story. Let me start here the idea to tackle this issue, which is not easy to report. It is not easy to get people to talk about it. What brought you to the story? Well, you know, it really started a long time ago with John Lucas, and I've known John a long time, and I know you to Adrian and we were having a conversation about something. Else entirely different, and a player walked by. And I said, oh, I'd be worried about him, and he said, tell me about it. But the thing is Jackie. There's one or two or three of those guys on every team. And I said, really, he said, mental health is just, you know, an epidemic, which, and then he said it again for two years later when I actually started forty this. So it was always in my mind. And of course, for those who don't know, John Lucas was a, you know, a very fine player in the NBA guard. You know, out of Maryland had very fine career, but also had a terrible problem with the diction which she speaks very openly about. And he ended up starting a wellness and recovery program for not just NBA players with all sorts of athletes who have struggled with alcohol and substance abuse. As John makes the point, you know, they go hand in hand with mental health issues. So he's, you know, he kinda got me thinking about, and the other one was Brad Stevens because of course I'm based in Boston and have have occasion. Lucky to talk with Fratelli very thoughtful guy, and he was involved with mental wellness and mental mindfulness. If you will, always back when he was coach Butler. So when I mentioned it to him, I wanna take temperature on it very enthusiastic about it and very encouraging and saying, you know, if you handled in the right way, I really believe some of these players will share and some did some didn't some almost did and change their mind at the last minute. And I respect all of them for the choices they make really do. Tevin love was the focus of day one Kevin log whom Paul Pierce, Chris, Bosh, Damara Rosa. But love was an interesting one because he shared his story initially in a first person piece that he did on the players Tribune you had talked to him. I owe about maybe doing something prior to that, and he may ultimately to do it outside of a story. And then sort of came back to you for this one. Right? So I. Really age. In the reason we started the first part in the first person, which I'm not really usually very comfortable with because my it Kevin just so intertwined in this this and you know, I've already texted within four times since part one rain. I mean, he is this really is going to make this his life's work..

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