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You must send this back you know price I'm not going to send it back. doggone it or just keep for them because I. what to do it's all wonderful souvenir price that's right they can't west of the Rockies you're on the air with Bryce Zabel good morning art and bright hi where are you in Los Angeles this is John yes John congratulations on your theory thanks very much were all primed and ready for this very timely. and this is something that you might want to incorporate I've been kind of nagging are a little bit about a cold three four times and talk to about this mac mate okay in the time life series the art of warfare for the century of war sure there is a tape that is called Gulf War and the future. and there is a fuel air explosion that happened on that tape okay and around the fuel air explosion oh yes there are things that appear as spears but may be high resolution probes that appear around it and I believe it's the original military high speed tape of the of the first of them. and if you can get that tape and then slow down and stop it one frame at a time you can see the slayer's healthy appear and things go past them and they don't mobile and then they disappear not well I'm I'll tell it now say what I've said this man previously and that is fuel air explosion is an incredibly violent event and so that there would be anomalies on the film scene at the edge of that explosion with the. well you're in a video if you if you get too bright balloons out and I have a feeling that's what he's saying you never know now course priority use that on the show it would probably not rise to the level of special effects and people would say I was tripping out on the special effects. so so I I'd have to do something fake to make people believe it was real that's the kind of world we live in is that really take the scene or some of the scenes with the ganglion so very expensive to do well they are very time consuming because the the ganglion seen that then the the pilot for example took did the better part of two full days to should have been a feature I'm sure they were shot on it for two weeks but this is TV and we shot for two days and it involves public it involves you know but word of all different kinds of puppets and in some cases the stuff requires computer generated effects and post and sound design and and there's all kinds of little tricks you do to make it make it work and you know that the rule of thumb in in doing these effects is that if you have to hold it together with chewing gum and baling wire for the for the five seconds that you need the shot that's all that matters is it just needs to look good in that one moment that's right and and I think we were relatively successful with that one where I mean did you were just where does where to get the the title dark skies and what does it mean if anything well I I give Brent the the credit for that one I was working on a series that was they had a lot of the pre season what dark skies has become and when Brent nine thirty throwing things around one day talking about UFOs he called me the next day his wife was my assistant at the time and he called into words that the total price to think about dark skies and he can use it if you want the course that led to our partnership and and dark skies for us now has taken on dark skies means the resistance that begins to form in nineteen ninety six after a TV series is put on there yes I see okay so in your in the first episode you saw John longer argues that with Jesse Marcel where he was the code words that got him inside so it was the code word yes right by Bobby Kennedy that's. right. have you personally ever seen a UFO you know it's interesting that you say that because I I I understand that when Spielberg was asked those questions after close encounters he used to say it was too personal for him to talk about it instead of answering the no and and I have and I'd love to have some kind of live answer but the truth is I've I've seen I've seen my share of lights in the sky that I think everybody has seen and I would describe the likelihood of all the things I have seen that they were just you know identifiable event to be very high so I haven't seen it would be a good sighting I do however have a number of people who I consider to be good solid witnesses and some friends and some just the people that I've come to know who have seen things much more up close and personal and and they were very real to them totally hooked for Toby Hooper for example who directed the pilot saw your basic cigar shaped UFO in Texas I think over twenty years ago and it was anything but just a light in the sky it'll be described as being the real deal I mean yeah Bryce I saw the real deal okay that close to a hundred and fifty feet above my head when I was forty eight years old I've never seen another thing like you some lights in this guy's. maybe a few green fireballs meteors whatever. but Bryce I saw something that came directly over my head and with my wife was there as well and we pondered for sometime after we saw it and I'd write her on the air right with me and made her validate what I was saying it was a close call and I didn't know whether I want to go on there and tell everybody what I saw or not but it changed my life well how could it not change your life you see something like that and you say no one's telling us about these things and there it is and I let's face it you may not trust my account of something but you trust your own account you trust your own eyes yes and your life could never be the same after an event like that well you know one of two things you know either our government has things that are generations beyond what they had met me any generations or it's something from elsewhere one of the two east of the Rockies you're on the air with Bryce Zabel high yes. Howard in rugby North Korea hello there yes and great show and our day I would just have a quick what if for yeah for me well I've got a guest service so you have all that but. okay I guess he just decided not ask west of the Rockies you're on the air with Bryce Zabel high all good morning art hello good morning bright line in Denver Colorado few quick comments and I'll get off the line first what to give a very intelligent show on your hand so very good thank you very much and second of all I like the JFK movie feel the the faction type of feel that the show has and a third of all try not to get out of the sixties too fast I enjoy the sixties and also when you get into the seventies I hope you can now work in the UFO influence on disco music. you know you're not the first person my friend this is to bring up the disco connection so we could hardly miss that out well you know you're right about the sixties we are not going to work we're moving on a collision course with new year's eve nineteen ninety nine for what will amount to let's see if this is that we're coming up with new years ninety six so and three years from now will be arriving there so that that's our time frame we plan to spend this season enough sixty four sixty five and potentially getting in the sixty six and the next season we we plan to do basically the late sixties through the end of Watergate terrific well on your way out of it fortunately ratings has a great deal to do with the success so I hope that everyone.

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