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Where you accused the president of the United States of a crime. And then an hour later show up in. Act as if nothing's happened on Capitol Hill this morning. House committee is looking at ways to stop the deaths of children left in hot cars miles Harrison's, baby. Boy chase died when he was forgotten about in the back seat eleven years ago. He remembers the moment he discovered that mistake was then that I realized. Oh my God. Oh my God. What have I done the so-called American, Taliban released from federal prison this morning, after serving seventeen years? John walker. Lindh is out of prison. The question remains does he pose a threat to the American public? Mike Spann was a CIA agent killed in an uprising in two thousand one after interviewing Walker Afghanistan. His father says Walker Lynch should've worn span about the uprising family's been fighting to keep him behind bars due to reports. He remained radicalized in presents ABC's Ryan burrow at the federal prison. You're listening to ABC news. So back on TV. Just for a night. So yes, not a permanent thing now how to chance last night on CBS thirteen to present a story Memorial Day that I've been working on for quite a while. And, and it was fantastic to be able to have the venue to tell the story in that way. And we're going to be telling more of that story here on the Cape. PK morning news. The story concerns, a b twenty four bomber went down during World War Two in this family's search their extensive search to try to find this aircraft this missing aircraft. And hopefully you know, the, the remains of their loved one who was a pilot on this bomber. It was a bomb said he was on board with eleven over ten other so you were on CBS thirteen last night with that story at ten o'clock, but we're going to go deeper tomorrow. Right. Right. I'm going to have a conversation with one of the family members today and kind of get an update on the search. So it's a great Memorial Day story. And it really does give you a chance to get to know if you don't have someone in your own family, if you haven't been impacted by Memorial Day in that way, you'll learn a lot of. About Lieutenant Thomas Kelly and his his his career and his family and the search for having can weights. The plane was called still be great. So Brian,.

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