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We do a few people to thank for. Show a thirteen sixteen. Which you've got a lot of notes from people saying hey you know i didn't get in so i'm sending this note in first show. Thirteen fifteen no came in yesterday. people keep up with these joe. Numbers thirteen sixteen next shows. Thirteen seven it starts off with bruce hall sir rosa's the first in encino california one thirty one thirty one he actually sent a note in anything was important. Go ahead is always something important. Something where if you go through the trouble right in a note or don't say that don't say that i've said it before because people this to my. Aw not to sit down actually right on to do it though. The this comes from my business account. I am a night using this email address. And he's got the dress. I believe i am the first psoriasis knighted somewhere in the eighteen hundreds any way. Just anyway Unusual no need to read this on the. Oh okay one. And i won't but thank you sir rosa's on on were do courtney chase from cordell. Lene idaho twenty eight twenty one up another note. give them courtney. Where's the courtney's note What are you doing reading these notes. You start your breaking down man. There's some there's an important note in here somewhere out. You know which one it is okay. We'll wait wait till you bump across as fine. Okay jon benet when she came in twenty eight twenty one. she's a lengthy note Oh it's birthday. She's got a birthday why she not on the list. Then because no one ever. Because this note wasn't one of the printed notes came in as an email. Is john lips as john lip. No no. i'm sorry courtney chase okay on. I'm going to the birthday list. No problem all right. Yes all right. And what's birthday courtney chase here. It is got her note here on the email sheepskin Hot has been ryan. Okay as he hits the big forty ryan is the absolute best partner lately. Three year old daughter became randomly yelling. China asshole and our five year old cannot get. Never the pasta glock. No agenda corrupting your children. In real time he turns forty on the list. Good mormon here. We go okay. She we had a bunch of requests and stuff but she doesn't realize that she's obviously a rogan. Organiz just came over. John lips on an eleven dollars. Seven cents alexan- able bronx new york. One eleven mardi. There is some funny about three year old yelling. China is mardi Severino the adorable. Not learn this wonderful phrase yet for been working to get into say stuff to get a record and we put it on the show but it is so far. It's you know it's a little it's two three or is it could use a little more annunciation. I keep yelling at him. John except that's not good enough. Show him anal swab john. Greiner griner in hendersonville tennessee. Seventy seven seventy shubin. Susan clay camping dame for and lady before in dakhla georgia's seventy five william elliott in hawaii. Excuse me that would be seventy five. Brian mcivor says success. Eight nine in poor tires portage michigan What's this didn't ask for the last six six could really do you do with one. All right we'll do. She's bandido calling mike. Fourteen and berry as a dispatch. Suan lee six six thirty. Three amy vitamin by by damian by dimon vitamin Sixty velvet beldiman. Yeah issue by onyx. Beldiman barron bob. In high point north carolina fifty five thirty two surprise one of the better names in yukon oklahoma night of astonishment For forty four matthew. Golian in Plaines illinois. and he's got a birthday coming up. We got on the list. Allen huff at it was fifty to thirty four. It's actually half mid fifty feel from his brothers. Both his brothers. Mike and matt allen huffman urban dale pyla fifty forty. Look at this because of your beer poor on thirteen fifteen. The pabst blue ribbon wins right to do that again. Nicholas von feller in haver. The grace wow maryland. While fifty thirty three in the following fewer fifty dollar donors name and location if applicable. Harry rawlins in jahra jackson junction australia. Cosmic ray girl in uk. Up l'amour l'amour lure v scotland. And my husband. Introduce you to the show. I'd love deducing place for both of us will huddle up do and we'll do a jobs. Calmer for your hot husband in a moment for everybody who needs it. Cosmic ray girl joshua brazil in east providence rhode island fifty josh sir john height in folsom california surgery gardner chicago. Craig fire ac parts. Unknown petty beak wilder in Vague head federally federal federal. I know it's hard one. Federal federal york's festival rene sabakh in multiple multiple.

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