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People can explore berge rousey in a safe and costeffective manner norsar using artificial intelligence they can have a intelligent trainer that which you can ask questions to as well and that can boost the training is this the social thing just wouldn't have been possible before watson uh well virtualities around yes watson his added a whole new level of value to the un ask questions while you're in there and receive a more indepth level training when you've been developing virtual reality for awhile occasion we have the strength and say shen though when you step to you have to check wait yes this one is the real world we twenty prefer the virtual alight liking i can change it to my liking colin needs to now emerging tech specialist ibm oh say i explode summit the vintage taxes on display in a basement museum ibm has the checkout out twitter feed at bbc tech tents for a quick trip down memory lane now while we're on the subject of er chris fox what do you think it's ever gonna hit the mainstream or playstation as the games console that sold a million had says so they've done quite well in terms of shifting the units its rival microsoft was may be expected to reveal some fiat this year but didn't just focused on the bulk stunned video games and playstations announcements of its next lov titles this year they're all still minigames really there's not those big blockbuster full titles that he might spend hours on that might be because it gets uncomfortable wearing a had set for a very long period of time they have suddenly found that niche with what works there were more spooky games showed off so you partner had set your very immersed cause your whole field view is covered and then simone pops up at you and you're all report dave tried out and he shrieked and your it's very very spooky that has got a good application because it's very scary.

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