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Is with serious injuries. Montgomery County Police are investigating a deadly crash in Germantown. Before midnight Last night, A 2013 Jeep Wrangler crashed on Ridge Road and morning star drive and rolled over several times. Please tell w t o p The 20 year old driver Dylan Bansi died at the hospital is 18 year old passenger. Marianne Hardisty died at the scene. They were both from Germantown. Riding a commuter bus from far out areas of Montgomery County and a silver spring can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. But for some people, the anguish may soon turn into something resembling joy. You're going to feel like they're riding the rails going to be such a high quality product. It's going to be a rail like experience. There's no rail line running up to 29 through Montgomery County. But that's what County Councilman Tom Hucker is comparing the new flash bus to its both rapid transit running along the 29 corridor between Burtonsville in downtown silver Spring. It's a heavily black and brown population and heavily immigrant. And lower income, a lot of seniors as well. So they've never been served by a high quality rail like first class transit product. The new bus line starts picking up passengers at 5 A.m. on Wednesday, and we'll run every 7.5 minutes. During rush hour. Bus drivers will be allowed to drive on the shoulder along some parts of 29 even hold a light on green until they get through John Dome and W T. O P News. Metro's board says it could be another year before ridership on the rails returns to pre pandemic levels. And that means a big hole in the budget. Despite that, the board is moving forward with safety fixes, which will cause closures. Metro General manager Paul We, too, felt explained to board members that putting off and he planned worked to save money really isn't an option for these are the types of projects that if we don't do them quickly, we can do them. We could have some serious issues that somebody's location. There are five major outages planned starting in mid February next year with the closure of Arlington Cemetery Station in the summer, West Hyattsville Greenbelt will see closures as well. DuPont Circle Van Ness stations. The board recommended Metro plan for continued low rail ridership, which generates the most revenue and assume an F Y 22. Budget for 100 million lower that's pre pandemic operating budget. Meghan Clarity w GOP news The executive director of a Virginia Economic Development Commission bent rules to forgive a six figure grant toe a politically connected developer. That's according to The Associated Press. The tobacco region revitalisation commissions, Evan Fineman did not recoup the $210,000 that Chuck a lesson old the state In an interview, Fineman defended his actions were coming up here in money news. Have you ever heard of a land contract? Well,.

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