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Mom to a three year old boy and a one-year-old girl. I work full time as an office administrator. My name is robyn and miraculous mama. Hey welcome back to them. Right goes mama's podcast. I'm your host. Elizabeth joy and we believe in empowering women through storytelling an education. Thank you so much for joining me. Today i have a super exciting guest followed by another exciting guest. We have two guests today guys. We're going to. I have a conversation with maya vander. You guys know her from selling sunset. We're going to talk a little bit about selling sunset but we're going to get into mom life and what that's looks like for her and then one of my really good friends screen is gonna come on and actually talk to us about real estate a little bit. I know that there's tons of moms out. There who are looking to get into real. Estate market is booming. Right now. it's a great way to bring in extra income but there's so many questions that people have so friend. Carina is really successful. she's awesome and she is a busy lady and she agreed to come on to give you guys some helpful tips and tricks if you are looking to get into real estate and you guys. I don't know about you. But christmas is not that far away and i have done all my shopping. Make sure that you guys are checking out all the codes that we have on the podcast and things. There's some really great christmas ideas that we have discounts for if you are still in a shopping market and me and the holidays just look a little. Bit different. This year don't they. I'm back at work. And i'm actually on call christmas and new year's eve so i might be celebrating at the hospital helping bring a life into this world. Which would be amazing. So i know that you know with travel different. Everyone's holiday plans of change. I know ours have inward is trying to be as safe as we can in his careful as we can right now but still love on each other and you know right now. Our family life looks like a lot more face timing and a lot more zoom calls and things like that so i know that it can be lonely especially for imam out there. You knew mamas who are in a similar seasonal of life. As i am on. You know it's different. I'm officially out of the fourth trimester for those. That don't know what that means. That's the first twelve weeks of postpartum. So i am on week fourteen and i swear each week to springs a new discovery a new lesson a new joy and sheryl lot more of that of my breastfeeding journey and different things that were of life different stages of life were going through on my instagram. So make sure you connect with me there s sandoz also if you guys are listening to make sure that you get the subscription button and leave us a review helps get our podcast out there. We've been having awesome guests. You guys haven't been listening. Make sure you go back. I know when the pandemic hit in march people weren't driving to work or taking their kids to school and not getting their normal podcast listening time in but we had some really amazing guests on this year. So if you haven't listened make sure you go back and check out those episodes full of tons of amazing education and stories and just Connections and i feel like. I learned so much this last year. So make sure that you definitely Check out all of those episodes but subscribe. Leave us a review. Follow us on instagram at miraculous mamas and connect with us in our facebook group at miraculous moments. And i would love to hear from you guys to hear what you guys wanna hear. What topics what guests. I love hearing from you so hit me up. Let me know who you want me to bring on twenty twenty one and we will work as hard as we can to make that happen for you guys are going to go ahead and get my on irate everyone i have my of andhra here and you guys all know her from selling sunset but she is so much more than that. She's a bad ass. Business mama a wife and a mother and she's taking time out of her crazy schedule like right now. She literally has an hour break in her day. And she's coming on the podcast to chat with us so we were just so grateful for that. So thank you so much for being here. Maya i thank you so much. I totally forgot about him. Got a mayday acas. I'm doing my balkars. Stadia state says last season. I'm talking about Exam but we do kids. It's is everything possible with time. Yeah for sure so. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into the real estate stuff and become this like icon on selling sunset. Yeah which setting limited. It's a crazy. It's it's crazy but anyways i stopped at real estate about seven and a half years ago. I took my class because my mom told me. Why don't you just go estate Go do in a state so decided to take my analyst force Then i just joined the company small walker. Jean lay in beverly hills in one that i went to keller williams was amazing training for new agents and then after that of real I joined at the oakland with jay. Saw so i leave the united states now for seventeen years and yeah seven of them. I've been i've been doing real estate. that's awesome. We have tons of questions from the listeners. So since we're talking about business we'll go ahead and talk about that person. Then we'll get into some motherhood. A lot of people were saying that you know how how they want to know. What is it lake working in an office full of women but under two men..

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