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From six to ten. John and Ken show. John kobylt and Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty. And when we get more details on the shooting up in Chicago. We will give them to you. It's. At a Chicago hospital on the campus and north shop Michigan avenue. And they're multiple people shot reportedly the gunman is shot, not a whole lot of detail. When it comes you'll hear about it coming up. We just had Chris ancarlo on as the people up in the. Malibu Calabasas Agoura hills vicinity await rain perhaps on Wednesday. You know, how many times they forecast rain? And it turns out never to happen. That's part of the reason we've got these problems. And then you need rain at a certain intensity. Trigger mudslides, but it's certainly possible. And his Kris told you there's people standing in line getting sandbags there did try to give them some some fortification. Although if the big mudslide happens as we talked about. Montecito last year. There's nothing you can do. I really nothing. You can do. I will tell you though, that there was a rare moment over the weekend where I found myself in agreement with Jerry Brown. Trump came to town and met with. Brown and Gavin Newsom and the three of them stopped acting stupid for five minutes and saying dumb things Trump constantly carrying out about forest management and raking and Brown clattering about climate change. And there was one lucid moment, and when you have dementia, and you know, if you've had dimension, your family and Brown clearly does there. There are lucid moments. There are moments where there's clarity and your relatives speak normally, and they have a clear memory of the past. And they're they're making rational decisions, and then it fades away. Well, Brown had maybe it was the presence of Trump standing next to him in a moment of clarity yesterday. And. A reporter asked them. How do we curb these fires? And I think everything he says here in the next two paragraphs is right on except from a little bit of climate nonsense. You know, we've had fires for as long for long before Europeans. Let me try this again, you know, we've had fires for long before the Europeans showed up here. And are indigenous people had a different way of living with nature for ten thousand years. There were more never more than three hundred thousand people living in California. Now, we have forty million we have a totally different situation. So it's not one thing. It's people. It's how people live it's where they live. It's the changing climate, and we're going to have more difficulties things are not going to get better. And then he went into a climate spiel. But California has been hit by desert conditions as we repeatedly tell you forever. There was a period from the eighteen hundreds to the thirteen hundred's where it was a five hundred year drought in southern California five hundred years. So what we're going through here a draft. That's hit us for maybe what five out of the last six years. Six seven. We only had one fairly wet year and in northern California. They've they've had much more rain. There's nothing unusual. It's the first part where he's absolutely right. We've just got so many people you go from scattered tribes of indigenous people to forty million. Aw, and clustered together in these developments. On on hills. And the hills. People are surrounded by brushing hills. Very dry brush hills or they're right on the edge or inside forests. You you have to stop. Say to yourself as an individual. What am I doing? And do I want to go through this again? And then you go, and you you make you make your wager. But as long as you act emotionally and say, but I love the view. Odds are you're going to lose the bet you can't love the view. I'm going to read blade or on in the show, some really horrifying stories of people running away from the fire in paradise the LA times, some of the writers did great work. Getting people to talk. Just a few days after the fire when the memories refresh in the detail was fresh just how horrifying it was. I don't know if there's very few things in life are more or worse than than running away from a raging fire. People's shoes melting into the ground. They're they're closed catching fires the running getting separated from family members and their pets. I just the whole thing is a mess. And I kept after each paragraph. I was reading I would stop and I would say. Whatever the problems are in burying transmission lines wherever the cost is. It's better than this. Living without a view is better than this. This is the absolute worst situation to go through and obviously. Awadh lots of people didn't make it. Lots of people are going to be permanently scarred or disfigured. Lots of people have suffered immense loss that psychologically. They will take a long time to recover from. If they ever do. I'm not one of these people that gets caught up in the Rah Rah where everybody holds a vigil and say, you know, it's Malibu strong. It's paradise strong. It's a lot lot more difficult than act because I know a couple people have suffered losses, and it is it is devastating to your court. I don't think it ever ever leaves you. It's it's similar to a death. And a lot of cases up embarrassed. Specially it is it is death. And there's gotta be better way than this. And we've got to stop giving the electric companies pass. We we've we've gotta stop excusing all the weird human behavior that creates situations like this because it is it is a people situation. It is decisions made by adults that have created the Domino's a cascading effect and the electricity situation and the vagrant situation too. Because the bay grits are gonna cause more and more fires as they continue to proliferate, and I don't really care about the biggest problems. I don't really care about the electric companies problems. It's better than than the stories. I read over the weekend. What was happening to people trying to get away. And you know, maybe they got a view maybe they're with their friends. It's still better to live somewhere else. Than to experience with these people experienced. I think paradise is. Far away from us. So the local channels aren't giving it that much coverage. But it is horrific the inferno up there, and what people suffered from when we come back. Alex stone is in the paradise. Yeah. He's with ABC news. He's going to report KFI and tell us more about the situation there because they have a long long long road jest to try to find all the bodies or the fragments of bodies and deal with this strange missing list that seems to contain L thousand people that nobody knows if there's any validity to the list or not John and Ken KFI. Debra Mark has news. Multiple people have been hurt in a shooting at mercy hospital in Chicago police officer is among those injured cops say the shooter has also been shot the fire in northern California has killed at least seventy seven people the town of paradise did hold a vigil last night. And being the town. I grew up in. I would definitely like to see it come back in. I know it's going to take awhile for that to happen. But I'll by the time it's done. We'll have a new town that's better than ever. Search crews are trying to cover as much ground as possible before rain is forecast to arrive this week, the rain could also affect some outdoor ten shelters. The fire has destroyed more than ten thousand buildings at sixty six percent contained Alex stone will be on with John and talk more about this. After the news, the California wildlife center in Malibu evacuated for more than a week because of the fire in Ventura in LA county's is back in business. The centers Dennis human says getting the animal's out was a challenge for brave staff members and wise, executive director went up there about thirty in the morning and went through all the animals to be released birds go the rest of the animals were taken to a volunteers house where triage of source was setup. He means people have been leaving messages. They've been holding onto injured animals. So he says he expects the wildlife center will be full again soon. A dolphin has been shot to death. Death in Manhattan beach. The dolphin was in the surf just offshore wind marine animal rescue president Peter Wallerstein and a lifeguard pulled it out lifeguard when the water, and I went in the water and we pull the dolphin out. We're notice small hole inside could be a bullet won't. He says since finding the dolphin just over a week ago. Tests have confirmed it was shot active. Brutal aggression, senseless aggression, and you we have to catch a people who do this kind of thing. Wallerstein says the group's putting a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to a conviction. Corbin Carson KFI needed. Some protesters in Venice say the city has sided with planters over homeless people plant boxes now line sidewalks were homeless people used to camp advocates for the homeless say spruce up has an ulterior motive, I think they're actually displace it homeless people. That's what I really really think. But it's too sad. So I'm here for that reason. Supporters of the plant boxes say the project is help clean up piles of trash and drug needles in the area. Traffic.

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