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U. S. is under a national emergency because of the rapid spread of the new coronavirus the most recent tally from the CDC has more than two thousand cases in America and more than four dozen deaths although for most people symptoms are only mild to moderate the governor of Montana is just announced the virus has entered his state reporting for cases there president trump made the emergency declaration to free up federal funds at a rose garden news conference the president said the declaration will free up to fifty billion dollars for state and local governments virus response is also waiving interest on federally held student loans among other moves the administration's been criticized for a slow virus testing rollout no I don't take responsibility at all blaming it on an old system not equipped for this size outbreak the president says more tests are being made available but urged people not to rush forward without certain symptoms it's totally unnecessary but says he will most likely be tested Sager made Connie at the White House the second person who was at Mar a Lago with president trump last weekend as tested positive for corona virus the mayor of Miami who attended that event is also sick and first daughter Ivanka trump along with Attorney General William Barr met with an Australian official who has since come down with Kobe nineteen house speaker Nancy Pelosi says that they should go she sings with the White House produced a federal aid package that will help families and workers impacted by the virus provide for free testing sick leave benefits and food assistance for kids who aren't getting meals because their schools are closed now working together we will once again prevail and will come out stronger than before most major sports events are canceled in the U. S. even some retail outlets like American dream this is a P. news Boeing and southwest are working to learn more about a crack that ruptured in the skin of a jet that it taking off from Las Vegas the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a twelve inch crack that ruptured the skin on a Boeing seven thirty seven jet operated by Southwest Airlines the cost the jet to gradually lose cabin pressure the incident occurred Monday on a flight from Las Vegas to Boise Idaho according to flight records the pilots initiated a rapid six minute descent from thirty nine thousand feet to a safe cabin pressure at twenty two thousand feet southwest and the FAA say oxygen masks did not deploy in the passenger cabin the jet landed safely in Boise I might cross yeah New York state has opened its first drive through corona virus test center it's opened in the hard hit suburb of new Rochelle the governor says it's safer to test people in their cars stocks had a rebound Friday the Dow up nearly two thousand points I'm Jackie Quinn APNews more news right after this thank you for listening to.

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